100 losses 2 times, total odds 0.385 An extension contract with the manager was scheduled?

 “There was no need to worry.”

Pittsburgh general manager Ben Charrington said this at an announcement on the 23rd (Korean time) of an extension contract with head coach Derek Shelton. It doesn’t seem strange considering that Pittsburgh has made an early spurt with 14 wins and 7 losses in 21 games since opening this season.

However, Shelton has never brought the team to the postseason since taking office in 2020. I couldn’t even match the 50% win rate. Until last year, for three years, it was 142 wins and 242 losses, and the winning rate was only 0.370. Even including this year’s results, it is 0.387 with 157 wins and 249 losses. Despite such poor performance, Pittsburgh decided to entrust the 토토사이트future to manager Shelton.

The American media is also curious about the background. The Athletic, a sports media outlet, reported that “there were opinions from outsiders and experts that Coach Shelton’s position had narrowed after consecutive 100-loss seasons, but Cherrington explained that he had been thinking about extending the contract for several months.”

Shelton’s original contract period was until this year. The club discussed extending the contract with manager Shelton from this year’s spring camp, and the agreement was concluded about a week ago. This means that he did not offer a new contract to coach Shelton after seeing 14 wins and 7 losses in 21 games. “The timing was just a coincidence,” Cherrington explained. At the same time, he said, “This extension contract means more than a winning streak.”

However, details of this extension have not yet been revealed. The amount and even the duration remain a mystery. The Athletic pointed out the situation as “the owner and the front desk say they believe in Shelton, but they’re not saying how long that trust will last.”

Coach Shelton said, “The intensity of the pressure is still there. It has to be seen that it has just begun. Our work (the season of rebuilding and looking at the results) has just begun.” Pittsburgh won six games in a row by beating the Cincinnati Reds 2-1 on the 23rd, when Shelton’s contract extension was announced. The Milwaukee Brewers (15-6) are in second place in the Central Division of the National League by 0.5 games.

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