‘100 million euro dribble’ continues to be criticized… “I must have learned from YouTube”


about Anthony’s dribbling skills continues.

Anthony is called ‘The 100 Million Euro Man’. Simply because Anthony’s transfer fee is 100 million euros (approximately 134.2 billion). Anthony, who worked with Eric Ten Hag at Ajax last season, joined Manchester United ahead of this season thanks to Ten Hag’s positive recommendation.

In terms of the expensive transfer fee and the player the manager wants, Anthony was expected to be a player who would be a great help in the rebuilding process of Manchester United. Also, since Manchester United’s side resources were having a hard time, the recruitment of a side resource that was evaluated as having excellent individual abilities was quite welcome news.

Anthony scored his debut goal against Arsenal, which was his debut match, raising fans’ expectations. In addition to his scoring, he was evaluated as having made a decent debut by showing flashing plays based on his individual skills on several occasions. He succeeded in scoring consecutively against Manchester City and Everton, and seemed to be establishing himself as the core of Manchester United by scoring goals in three consecutive matches since his Premier League (EPL) debut. 메이저놀이터

However, recently, Anthony’s play is somewhat disappointing. He’s consistently getting opportunities, but they fall short of the impact he made early on. In particular, many people are criticizing Anthony’s dribbling. Anthony’s dribbling is that there is nothing to gain in terms of practicality compared to splendid. In fact, Anthony is often seen attempting splendid dribbling, such as performing a 720-degree turn in front of the opponent’s defense and spinning two laps in place, or attempting unnecessary fake motions.

The criticism towards Anthony also broke out against Reading. Manchester United won 3-1 against Reading in the round of 32 of the FA Cup held on the 29th at 5:00 am (Korean time). because it was committed

The situation was this. Anthony, who caught the ball from the side in the 16th minute of the second half, attempted a personal skill with Reading’s defender Abdul Rahman Baba in front. However, Anthony slipped in the process, and Baba easily succeeded in defending.

Regarding this, fans sent harsh comments such as “Anthony needs to be more serious”, “I don’t think his skills are working properly”, “Anthony paints like someone who learned his skills on YouTube”.

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