‘116th place → 14th place → 2nd place’… Ram’s continuing challenge to win

From the risk of being eliminated from the cut, they have risen to the championship group. Jon Rahm (Spain) has only one step left to win three consecutive tournaments on the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

On the 28th (Korean time), in the 3rd round of the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open held at Torrey Pines Golf Course South Course (par 72) in San Diego, California, USA, Ram reduced 6 strokes by tying 1 eagle, 5 birdies and 1 bogey. . Ram, who scored an interim total of 10 under par and 206 strokes, rose to second place alone, two strokes behind the sole leader Sam Rider (USA, 12 under par).

Even at the beginning of this tournament, Ram’s situation was not good. On the first day of the competition, he scored one over par and finished tied for 116th. However, on the second day, he reduced 5 strokes and moved up to 14th place, and then reduced 6 strokes on the same day to leap to second place alone. 먹튀검증

Ram swapped holes 4 and 5 for birdies and bogeys, respectively. In holes 6 to 8, he recorded 3 consecutive birdies, and in hole 9 (par 5), he lightly caught an eagle with an accurate second shot. However, in the 9 holes in the second half, he only reduced 1 stroke with a birdie on the 15th hole (par 4).

Ram will challenge to win three consecutive tournaments in this tournament. On the 9th, at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, he overturned and won by 7 strokes, and on the 23rd, at the American Express, he won the championship after a tight battle. If Rahm wins by this time, it will be his first three consecutive wins since Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) in 2014.

If Rahm finishes in third or higher in this tournament, he will rise to the top of the men’s golf world rankings. Lam had the experience of reaching world number one for the first time in July 2020. Ram, who rose to the top again in June 2021, maintained the top spot until March of last year. Ram is currently ranked third in the world.

JTBC Golf & Sports will broadcast the final round of this tournament live from 4 am on the 29th.

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