’14 goals – 11 assists’ Let’s bring the speed racer… Arsenal-Newcastle ‘Contest’

 Interest in the Bundesliga’s ‘Speed ​​Racer’ is hot.

British media ‘Evening Standard’ reported on the 11th (Korean time), “Arsenal is considering signing Moussa Diaby (23, Leverkusen) this summer.” On the same day, German media ‘Bild’ reported that “Newcastle have shown interest in Diaby.”

It is truly an explosion of popularity. Diaby is one of the fastest wingers in the German league. He left Paris Saint-Germain (France) in 2019 to join Leverkusen. That year, he finished second in the Bundesliga’s fastest speed (35.95 km/h).

His attack points are also increasing. In his first year at Leverkusen, he scored 8 goals and made 8 assists in 39 appearances in all competitions. In his last season, he peaked with 17 goals and 14 assists (42 games). This season, he recorded 14 goals and 11 assists in 44 games. He not only scored, but also provided many chances to his teammates.

Naturally, the interest of the big clubs continues. Already in April, he received interest from his parent Paris Saint-Germain. Arsenal and Newcastle then approached.

Arsenal want to widen their offensive line for next season. There are not many wide strikers to replace when the undisputed main players Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka are injured. In addition, it has confirmed advancement to the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) next season. Considering the ever-busier schedule, it is inevitable to recruit players.카지노사이트

Newcastle is in a similar situation. It is ranked 3rd in the league and is on the verge of advancing to the UCL. Afterwards, the plan is to secure competitiveness in the European competition by massively reinforcing players. In particular, we need a new wing attacker. Alan Saint-Maximin is excluded from manager Eddie Howe’s plans and a transfer this summer is likely. Diaby was picked as the player to fill the position.

Meanwhile, Leverkusen set Diaby’s transfer fee at around 50 million pounds (approximately 83.5 billion won). Diaby’s contract expires in June 2025.

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