161.5 billion real FW ‘shock exposure’… “I don’t talk to the manager”

Real Madrid’s ‘sick finger’ Eden Hazard once again stood at the center of the issue with a shocking revelation.

Azar was once a striker who surpassed ‘the strongest in the human world’. His devastating dribbling ability, stamina, sharp passing and accurate shooting made him one of the best crackers at Chelsea. Since he dominated the Premier League, he was a player who was constantly mentioned along with Neymar and Antoine Griezmann as the player to be responsible for the post-‘Menaldo era’.메이저놀이터

But at Real, all those advantages are gone. Having entered Spain with a transfer fee of 115 million euros (approximately 161.5 billion won) in the summer of 2019, he suffered endless falls due to his failure to manage his weight and his insincere training attitude that had been pointed out before. The ‘steel body’, which missed only 21 games in 7 seasons at Chelsea, turned into a ‘glass body’ that was out due to injury for 78 games in less than 4 seasons at Real Madrid.

There is no sign of survival this season. Not trusted by manager Carlo Ancelotti, Hazard has been on the bench since September in the league. His last match in a Real shirt was in the third round of the Copa del Rey against CP Ca Serenho, a Spanish 4th division team, in January.

After falling out with the director, Hazard made a shocking revelation. Spain’s ‘Diario As’ quoted Belgian media ‘RTBF’ on the 14th (Korean time) and excerpted part of Azar’s interview. Here, Hazard directly mentioned the poor relationship between the two, saying, “I don’t talk to manager Ancelotti.”

Hazard said: “There is respect for each other, but we don’t talk to each other. Even if I don’t play tomorrow, I have to respect someone like Ancelotti. He has represented football and has built up in his career. There are achievements,” he said.

Meanwhile, he announced his intention to remain at Real Madrid. “I want to stay. I’ve always said that. I want to play and show that I can still do it. It’s normal for people to have doubts, but I’ll be here next year,” said Hazard again at the Santiago Bernabéu. I promised to challenge myself.

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