1st place in receiving at the age of 45… Standing on the court, I become young

Yeo Oh-hyun, the oldest male volleyball player, makes a big success… Female 42-year-old Jeong Dae-young also ranked 3rd in blocking

Pro volleyball V-League 1st year (2005) members and the oldest veterans in both men and women, Oh-Hyeon Yeo (45, Hyundai Capital) and Dae-Young Jeong (42, Korea Expressway Corporation), the words “no business in front of time” do not work doesn’t seem to Even though he is the same age as most coaches, he still walks the court. His skills are still the best in the league in his field of specialization, surpassing his juniors over 20 years old. Thanks to the fighting spirit of the seniors, the teams are also cruising toward ‘Spring Volleyball’.

◇Receive 1st Oh-Hyun Yeo “My body is slow, but I am confident in my senses”

Oh-Hyeon Yeo, a libero who has experienced 400 victories for the first time in the history of the V-League, is both a player and a coach. He helps junior players improve their skills at the training ground, and during games, he goes out on the court and throws his body at the ball. He was recognized by everyone as the best libero in Korea, but due to his age, the team’s ‘number one’ libero was handed over to a junior. Hyundai Capital’s main libero is Park Kyung-min, born in 1999, a year before Yeo Oh-hyun made his professional debut.

Despite the reduced playing time, Yeo Oh-hyun is ranked first in the men’s receiving ranking (based on 3 days) this season. The V-League receiving ranking is covered by ‘receive efficiency’, which determines whether the receive is accurately sent within a 1m radius of the setter. Yeo Oh-hyun (52.87%) is the only player with a receiving efficiency of 50% or more in the men’s division this season.

Yeo Oh-hyun said, “I lack physical abilities such as agility and reaction speed compared to younger juniors,” but “I am still confident in the sense of stability of the serve receive or the sense of reading and preparing for the opponent’s attack.” He said, “The secret to being able to do this much at this age is to take a lot of naps. Thanks to that, he seems to be maintaining his stamina that doesn’t fall behind.”

In 2016, her team, Hyundai Capital, promised to support Yeo Oh-hyun so that she could play as an active player until the age of 45. Yeo Oh-hyun, who entered the final year of the ’45-year-old project’, said, “It’s not something I can do according to my will, but if there is something I can contribute to the team, I want to play as a player for as long as I can.” He also said, “I want to win one more championship before I retire. First of all, I will focus on winning this season.” Hyundai Capital, which was in 7th place last season, is running in 2nd place, 6 points behind leader Korean Air this season. 메이저사이트

◇ 42-year-old ‘Spider Hand’ Jeong Dae-young leads team blocking 1st Dae-young

Jung, a middle blocker of Korea Expressway Corporation, is the oldest among female players who play not only in volleyball but also in all professional sports in Korea. Ten of her teammates, half of whom were born after 1999, the year he made his adult stage debut. She is also a ‘working mom’ as she has a daughter who is entering middle school next month

However, on the court, he is showing off his youth. He is third in the league in average blocks per set this season (0.75). He is closely chasing Han Su-ji (0.77) in first place and Kim Su-ji (0.76) in second place. Jeong Dae-young’s previous record in this category was 0.76 in 2005, the first year of the V-League. Even after 18 years, he shows off his unchanging blocking skills. Chung Dae-Young scored 185 points as of the 3rd, already surpassing the 183 points scored last season. He said, “What I can put forward above my juniors is my skill and instantaneous judgment,” he said.

Jung Dae-young’s performance is a great help in the fight for third place in the road construction. The road construction shows a low team attack success rate (35.99%, 5th place) due to the anxiety of setters this season, but the center line led by Jeong Dae-young is the strongest in the league. 1st in team blocking (2.73 per set). The Korea Expressway Corporation is currently in 3rd place to advance to the playoffs.

Jung Dae-young said, “I’m at an age where it won’t be strange to retire. He values ​​every game and is playing with excitement,” he said. He wants to leave the court when he has no more regrets, at least maintaining his skills as he is now.”

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