“2021 KBF Division League” application from June 1st

The ‘KBF Division League ‘ hosted by the Korea Sports Association , supervised by the Korea Billiards Federation (KBF) , and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation .Starting from June 26 ( Sat ) , about 230 leagues in 17 cities and provinces nationwide will begin a six -month campaign온라인카지노 . The ‘ KBF Division League’ is a ‘promotion and relegation system’ in which promotion and relegation are made based on performance from the D5 League, which is a city, county, and district level league , to the D1 League , which is a national unit . A D4 league is made up of teams .

The Carom D5 league is made up of clubs by city, county and district , and each team has 4 players to compete in a 1 -on- 1 singles match . The Carom D4 League is composed of teams of the same age as the provincial unit, and the lowest ranked team will be relegated and participate in the D5 League in 2022 .

Starting this year , the Pocket Ball D4 League and Anycall League were newly established .

The Pocket Ball D4 League is a pocket 9 ball event, played in a singles match with 3 players per team . The Anycall League is for beginners with a handicap score of 3-4 , and the winning team of the Anycall League is qualified to be promoted to the Pocketball D4 League . The Korea Billiards Federation expects that new inflows into the pocketball event will be active through the operation of the Anycall League .

The KBF Division League will recruit participating teams for about two weeks from June 1st (Tuesday ) to June 18th ( Friday ) through ‘ KBF NOW ‘, the official application of the Korea Billiards Federation . Anyone who enjoys playing billiards can apply for participation regardless of ability, and in order to participate in the KBF Division League, you must complete the registration of club players and clubs in ‘KBF NOW’ first.

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