“40-year-old Ko Hyo-jun, why doesn’t the restraint fall?”

There is a pitcher who is flying fast even at the age of ‘Immortality’. It is Go Hyo-jun (40, SSG Landers).

Ko Hyo-jun, born in February 1983, is expected to keep SSG’s bullpen strong this season. He allowed only one hit while playing 5 innings in 5 games in the exhibition game, and showed off his pitching skills by striking out as many as 11 times. Of course, the average ERA is zero.

Hyo-jun Ko, who took the mound in the bottom of the 6th inning with a 1-1 lead against LG on the 27th, the most recent game, blocked one inning with no hits, no runs and two strikeouts. The speed limit also came out to 146 km. 토토사이트

Considering that it is an exhibition game, his speed is expected to rise further after the opening.

Koh Hyo-jun was released from Lotte after the end of the 2020 season, and in March 2021 he made a nest at LG. After failing to renew the contract with LG after the 2021 season, Koh Hyo-jun succeeded in signing with SSG in January 2022. He returned to his hometown team.

Koh Hyo-joon, who was reunited with manager Kim Won-hyeong again, pitched in 45 games last year and contributed to the team’s ‘Wire-to-Wire’ victory with an average ERA of 3.72 with 1 win and 7 holds. He also appeared in two games in the Korean Series, blocked 1⅓ innings with one hit and no run, and enjoyed the joy of a combined victory.

Thanks to these performances, Ko Hyo-joon’s annual salary increased from 40,000 won to 85 million won, an increase of 40 million won.

Expectations are high for his performance this year as well. In particular, it is eye-catching that the restraint does not fall even at the age of innocence.

Director Kim Won-hyung explained, “(Redemption) doesn’t get faster. It just doesn’t fall. That’s how strong his training method is. So, in the case of Hyo-jun, he respects his training method and keeps doing his own.”

Ko Hyo-jun’s own training method is not very special. He tends to do a lot of weight training. Coach Kim said, “I’ve seen Hyo-jun since he was 21. At that time, he was weaker than me in running. He had the ability to spray the ball, so he was good at speed, but he was weak physically.” I think I’ve found it. It’s like I’ve found my own way to live. When I felt it, I think these parts are keeping restraints.”

There are many changes to the SSG bullpen this season. Taek-Hyung Kim and Ji-Hoon Jang enlisted, and Tae-Tae Lee transferred to Hanwha, so there is a question mark in the bullpen. Veteran Koh Hyo-jun needs to hold the center of the bullpen.

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