‘5G undefeated’ Daejeon blast, will Suwon FC, which has lost a losing streak, be swallowed… Who will win the confrontation after 3 years?

‘Return of the Special City of Soccer’ Daejeon Hana Citizen’s initial momentum is unusual. Will the hot wind of Daejeon overturn even Castle Park?

Daejeon and Suwon FC will face off in the 6th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at 3:00 pm on the 9th at Suwon Sports Complex. Daejeon went undefeated in 5 games (3 wins, 2 draws) and is in 2nd place (11 points), while Suwon FC is in 9th place with 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses (4 points).

It’s the first match in three years. After meeting three times in K-League 2 in 2020, the two teams will play again after a long time. At that time, Suwon FC secured a foothold for promotion by winning two consecutive victories after one loss.카지노사이트

The atmosphere this season is quite the opposite. Daejeon has not lost a single game since the opening and continues the ‘promoted team blast’. With 11 goals in 5 games, the team is on a winning streak with their hot offense. The only team that has scored more goals than Daejeon is Ulsan (13 goals), which leads the team with 6 consecutive victories.

The concentration at the end is also impressive. Daejeon drew 3-3 against Incheon in the second round thanks to Kim In-kyun’s equalizer at the end of the game, and in the fourth round against Suwon Samsung, they won 3-1 with consecutive goals in the second half. In the previous match against FC Seoul, Martha scored the winning goal in the 43rd minute of the second half and was able to win 3-2.

A familiar face is also expected to return. It is ‘Captain’ Ju Se-jong, who was on the operating table due to an orbital fracture early last month. Coach Lee Min-seong said that he could return in this Suwon FC game or the next Ulsan game. If Ju Se-jong, who coordinates the team from the waist up, returns, the blast of the match can become even stronger.

On the other hand, Suwon FC is experiencing ups and downs at the beginning of the season. On the 11th of last month, the only victory was a 2-1 victory over local rivals Suwon Samsung. Other than that, they drew with Jeju at the bottom of the league without scoring, and lost consecutively against Pohang, Ulsan, and Gwangju.

More than anything, Suwon FC’s boasted offensive power is hardly reviving. Manager Kim Do-gyun also confidently said that his destructive power is the highest in the league, but this season he has only scored 3 goals in 5 games. Foremost strikers such as Lee Seung-woo, Lars, and Kim Hyun have yet to score a goal.

However, the performance in the second half of the last Gwangju expedition was positive. After the video review, the penalty kick and Jackson’s mid-range goal were canceled, but Suwon FC overwhelmed Gwangju throughout the second half and looked for hope in the next game. 

The variable is Jackson’s exit gap. He received two warnings and was sent off in the last two minutes of the second half of the match against Gwangju, so he cannot play in this game. Suwon FC has lost 8 runs in 5 games, and as much as it is urgent to stabilize the defense, the key is how to block the firepower of Daejeon without Jackson.

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