A 15-year veteran pitcher who was always subordinate, starting camp in a place that has changed as much as Daewoo

 We plan not to repeat what we have been carelessly overlooked. Now, from the start of the camp, he proudly put his name on the starting lineup. Hanwha veteran pitcher Jang Min-jae (33) was recognized for his value in saving the starting rotation last year.

It was like that from the salary negotiation table. Jang Min-jae concluded an annual salary negotiation of 115 million won this year. Looking back at the free agent market, which costs tens of billions of won, it is not surprising, but it is the result of negotiations with various stories. First of all, Jang Min-jae has value for himself. In 2019, Jang Min-jae played 119.1 innings, the most among native starting pitchers in the team, and became a billionaire in 2020. He was not an ace level player, but he was like an oasis for Hanwha, who always struggled with starting pitchers.

Even so, he was always pushed to the lower ranks when forming the starting team. He only started 10 games as a starter in 2020, which was further reduced to 6 games in 2021. As he is good at middle pitching and has a splitter, which is a decisive pitch, Hanwha placed Min-jae Jang where needed rather than forming a pitching team centered on Min-jae Jang. As he entered his 30s, his juniors took the opportunity to start first. Another reason for Jang Min-jae’s delay was that the team’s focus was on rebuilding.

However, when he entered the pennant race, starting pitcher Jang Min-jae became a strong supporter. Whenever the starting lineup collapsed, he got on the mound from the first inning and pitched pitches like the rain of drought. Jang Min-jae, who finished the year as the starting pitcher at the end of the 2021 season, was the most consistent starting pitcher in Hanwha in 2022. In April, he was put in from the bullpen as before, but from May he joined the starting lineup and rotated the rotation until the end. 메이저사이트

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero acknowledged his misjudgment and predicted that Jang Min-jae’s starting point would be different this year. In September of last year, coach Subero said, “The best starting pitcher on our team this season was Jang Min-jae. All four foreign pitchers were injured and had a difficult season with no one left, but Jang Min-jae kept his place well,” he said. I didn’t do well. He will be sure to include it next year.”

On the 30th (Korean time), Hanwha arrived in Mesa, Arizona, the location of the camp. After taking a break until February 1st, we start camp from the 2nd. An official from the Hanwha team preparing for camp in Arizona said, “Jang Min-jae is one of the 4th and 5th selection candidates,” and said that Jang Min-jae is aiming to join the opening rotation.

Hanwha is focusing on new pitchers such as Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun, and Nam Ji-min. However, only when Jang Min-jae perseveres, their growth can take place as planned. If Jang Min-jae surpasses the personal record of 126.2 innings last year in the upcoming season, young pitchers will be able to comfortably stand on the mound.

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