A sensible roving shot, but then blocked by the goal post… Oh Hyeon-gyu missed the first goal in his life

Oh Hyun-kyu took the opportunity to start in Scotland’s most noteworthy game. He had some great shots that hit the post, but ultimately failed to finish.

On the 13th (Korean time), Rangers, who played the 2022-2023 Scottish Premiership match at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, won 3-0 against Celtic. The two teams are famous for their ‘Old Firm Derby’, one of the world’s greatest rivalries.

It was the Rangers’ first Old Firm win this season. We met several times going back and forth in the Premiership and Cup competitions, and this was the 5th confrontation, with Celtic winning 3 and drawing 1 in the previous 4 matches. In the last showdown of the season, the Rangers took pride. Celtic has already won the Premiership and League Cup, and in the FA Cup final, Celtic has risen and Rangers has fallen.

After the championship was confirmed, the prospect that Oh Hyun-gyu, the next-generation main player, would get more business trip opportunities became a reality starting with Old Firm. Oh Hyun-kyu joined Celtic in January this year and recorded 15 substitutions, including cup competitions, and this was his second start.

Oh Hyun-gyu showed active movements from the beginning, but was severely isolated. However, it was disappointing that his attack route was rather simple, perhaps because there were many new players. Oh Hyeon-gyu usually stayed in the middle of the front line and struggled with the opposing center back. The pass to the winger from the side was sharp, but there was a lot of restraint for the ball to reach Oh Hyun-gyu in the front line, and Oh Hyun-gyu acted as a bait and other players shot. However, the finish did not go well.

Oh Hyun-kyu had the only shot opportunity in the 7th minute of the first half, and he showed an impressive appearance. After receiving a through pass, he shot and kicked the ball over the goalkeeper who was flying with his body in a private relationship with the goalkeeper Robbie McCrory. It was an exquisite choice, but the shot hit the post and bounced off.카지노사이트

Oh Hyun-gyu was isolated in the front line, holding the ball and passing it to a teammate only once. There was not even a chance to compete in the air ball. In the midst of this, he showed a move to somehow contribute to team play, such as 1 tackle attempt and 1 successful interception.

Oh Hyeon-gyu, who was struggling, was replaced by Kyogo Furuhashi in the 18th minute of the second half. Although main striker Furuhashi was in charge of the front line, Celtic’s collapsed attack did not recover, and neither Furuhashi nor Maeda Daizen, the main striker who was put in as a joker, made a single shot. In other words, it was a regrettable game because the team was pushed too hard for Oh Hyun-gyu to play an active part.

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