AC Milan legend defender “Kim Min-jae, honestly, I thought he wouldn’t be as good as Koulibaly”

‘AC Milan Legend’ Alessandro Costacurta highly praised ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

Costacurta reviewed the match between Naples and AS Roma in an interview with the Italian media ‘Sky Calcio Club’ on the 31st (Korean time), saying, “I felt like I was seeing Kalidou Koulibaly again (from Kim Min-jae),” and couldn’t hide his surprise.

Kim Min-jae started as a central defender in the match against AS Roma on the 30th and led the team to a 2-1 victory by tying up the opposing strikers. He made the Roman three-top in particular obsolete. Lorenzo Pellegrini, who started as a left striker, also attempted a shot only once, but it was not an effective shot. Central striker Tammy Abraham did not produce a single shot at all.

According to Whoscored, a soccer statistics site, Kim Min-jae showed off his impregnable defense by recording 9 kicks and 2 shooting jerseys, the most among both teams. 메이저사이트

Costacurta said, “Honestly, I didn’t think Kim Min-jae could reach the level of Koulibaly. But he was really surprised.”

In fact, many people were dubious when Kim Min-jae wore the Napoli uniform. The key was whether Kim Min-jae could replace Koulibaly, who left for Chelsea. Contrary to concerns, however, Kim Min-jae swallowed up Serie A within 3-4 months of the transfer. He showed off world-class skills in every game. As such a sensation, it is becoming a target for European big clubs such as Man Utd, Real Madrid and Juventus. A player who has only been transferred for half a year is being offered a renewal contract with his team.

Costacurta has tarnished his image with words that Napoli fans hate. “In some ways, it is more important for Napoli to qualify for the European Champions League than to win Serie A,” said Costacurta.

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