After 9 months in court, Doosan’s Lee Young-ha massacre trial gets a 31-day sentencing date

Doosan Bears pitcher Lee Young-ha, 25, is currently categorized as a “non-active player” in the KBO.

Doosan also categorizes him as an “unsigned pending player.

Judge Jeong Geum-young of the Seoul Western District Court Criminal Division 4 set May 31 as the sentencing date for Lee, who was charged with special assault and other charges.

The outcome of the trial will determine whether Lee will be reinstated as an active player.

Lee was removed from the first team roster on August 21 last year and ended the 2022 season without taking the mound once.

That’s when A, a junior on the baseball team at Sunlin Internet High School, reported Lee to the sports ethics center, which referred the matter to the police for investigation and prosecution.

The first hearing was held on September 21 last year, and Lee attended a total of six hearings.

In his closing statement to the defense on September 3, Lee said, “I am reflecting on what I need to reflect on. However, I can say that I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said, adding, “I tried to be sincere in the trial. I wasn’t a good senior, but I didn’t do anything bad enough to stand in court. Please think about that.”

Lee Young-ha’s legal representative, attorney Kim Sun-woong, also said, “I think the prosecution’s prosecution itself was due to the statute of limitations. The prosecution didn’t even investigate the defendant.” “There are many things (the victim’s claims) that are contrary to the facts. There was some bad behavior, such as calling the victim by name and having her respond with a nickname, but it was not assault, coercion, or intimidation. It was common practice among high school baseball players. I claim the innocence of the defendant,” he said in his closing argument.먹튀검증

Defense attorney Kim Sun-woong also argued that Lee was put in a situation where he was unable to play baseball for about nine months.

However, the prosecution asked for two years in prison.

During the hearing, the prosecution said, “Lee Young-ha committed special assault by slapping the victim’s shoulder and making her sing songs that made her feel humiliated. During the training camp, he extorted ramen noodles from the victim’s room and called a junior to Lee’s living room to perform harsh acts.”

Lee Young-ha’s camp countered that “making her sing” was a common practice at the time, and denied all other allegations.

Lee also provided evidence that he had been selected for the youth national team on August 19, 2015, the date of the alleged assault, and had already left the area by the time the victim claimed he was forced to train at a different location and do laundry in a dormitory.

Regarding the alleged extortion and harsh behavior during the February 2015 Sunlin Netball team’s training camp in Taiwan, he claimed, “We had a meeting to convey the coaching staff’s requirements, but there was no extortion or harsh behavior.”

Lee’s classmate Kim Dae-hyun (LG Twins), who was tried while in the military following a report from the same victim, was acquitted. Dae-hyun is continuing his season as normal.

Although Lee faces more charges than Kim, Lee believes that Kim’s acquittal will have a positive impact on Lee.

Lee is currently training privately at Icheon Bears Park. If he is acquitted, he could sign with Doosan and prepare to return to the mound.

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