‘Already 800 middle school students’ participated! 5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023! This time, it is Busan and Cheonan.

Korea’s best amateur middle school futsal tournament, ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ Busan-Cheonan regional qualifiers will be held on May 6th.

Hosted by HNS, a sports marketing company, and participated by Gatorade as a partner and Sports Chosun as a media partner, this competition was held in succession in Seoul (Dongdaemun) and Jeonju, starting with the Siheung preliminaries on March 25th. During this period, a total of 80 teams participated, and about 800 students participated, making it a success.스포츠토토

Among the teams participating in this Cheonan regional qualifier, teams that participate again after last year, such as Galilee Charis, Cheonan Oseong, and FS YT, attract attention. In particular, Galilee Charis is considered to be one of the strongest in terms of ability as it competed in the championship, which is a concept of the national competition last year

. They are Kangaroo FC and Koala FC. Coincidentally, there is a possibility that the two teams that have chosen two animals representing Australia as their team names will have an ‘animal derby’ depending on the results of the group draw.

‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ is a pure amateur competition in which ordinary middle school students compete. In fact, regardless of skill, there is a high percentage of teams participating to make memories with close friends or seniors and juniors. In some schools, two or more teams are formed and competed under the guidance of the teacher in charge. It is perfect for expecting ‘fun’ and ‘exercise’ effects.

After this tournament, regional qualifiers will be held in Goyang (Ilsan) and Pyeongtaek (May 13). The top performing teams are given qualifications for national championships and scholarships. The format of the tournament is to determine the winning team through a tournament from the round of 16 after the group stage full league.

The teams that went through the preliminaries and made it to the finals will have a national championship in Siheung on May 20th. The winning team of the national championship will be given the right to participate in the ‘Gatorade Global 5v5 Competition’ held overseas in 2024.

Application for participation in the tournament can be made on the HM Futsal Park website. Starting with this middle school tournament, HNS, the organizer, plans to sequentially hold H-Cup and H-League in which adult men and women participate, so that they can join sports clubs for life.

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