“Angels, get Ohtani if you can…but” $600m, LAA reporter says “big deal

“If they have a chance to re-sign him, they should hold onto him. But if…”

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is one week away. The Los Angeles Angels are inundated with trade inquiries, but owner Arte Moreno is unmoved. Despite all the local speculation, the general consensus is that the Angels will not trade Shohei Ohtani, 29.

The theory is that the Angels want to keep Ohtani to maximise their chances of making the postseason and can’t afford to give up the business benefits of broadcast rights, sponsorships and marketing. Another theory is that the Angels would be embarrassed to trade away their home run leader and MVP.

On Thursday, MLB.com published a series of columns from writers from 30 different clubs on what they think the Angels should do at the trade deadline.

Bollinger wrote, “The Angels still compete. But they are in an incredibly difficult position. Ohtani will be a free agent, and if the Angels decide to trade him, they’ll need to add young talent in return. If the Angels want to re-sign Ohtani, they need to sense openness.”

Basically, Bollinger advised the Angels to stay on top of the Ohtani situation, but he was also realistic. “If the Angels have the opportunity to re-sign Ohtani, they should do it. But if it looks like he’s going to sign with another team, it would make sense to trade him and get a couple of top prospects in return for draft compensation picks.”카지노사이트

The general consensus in the media is that owner Arte Moreno is not inclined to make a decision on Ohtani based on the Angels’ performance. But Bollinger said, “It depends on how they play. If the Angels have an edge, it makes sense to keep him, but if they fall further out of contention, they should bite the bullet and sell.” In effect, a trade was called for.

The Angels are 51-49 through 24 games, third in the American League West and sixth in the wild-card race. They are four games behind the third wild card, the Toronto Blue Jays. As a result, the three-game series against Toronto from the 29th to the 31st will be the biggest watershed of the season. On the 29th, Ohtani and Hyun-jin Ryu will go one-two, two-three. This will be Ryu’s comeback game after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

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