Appeared in just one game after joining Liverpool… The bittersweet ‘rental life’ ends

Liverpool (England) midfielder Artur Melo (26) will return to Juventus (Italy) as soon as this season ends. Since joining last summer, he has ended a bitter loan life with only one game played in all competitions.

On the 9th (Korean time), Melo said in an exclusive interview with this media ( ‘Global Edition’, “I plan to return to Juventus this summer. It was an honor to be with Liverpool. Over the past year, many learned,” he said.

Previously, Melo wore a Liverpool uniform at the end of the transfer window last summer. Since he had completely lost his position at Juventus to the extent that he was classified as a candidate for release, he joined as a loan transfer while seeking a new path for a rebound.

At the time, he said, “I’m happy to join a prestigious club that represents the world. Also, I’m really excited and excited to think about playing in the English Premier League (EPL), the best league in the world.” “I will give my all for Liverpool. I will continue my dream on the pitch,” he said.먹튀검증

Melo, however, has not been given a chance to play for Juventus for the past two years as his game sense has been greatly reduced. He also had trouble adapting to the rough and fast-paced EPL stage. Most of the cases he was excluded from the actual list, he played only one official game this season. He even went in as a substitute and digested only 13 minutes.

Melu, who was virtually out of power, broke away from the battle line in early October of last year due to a problem with his thigh muscles, but the injury was more serious than expected, so he ended up on the operating table. After that, he devoted himself to recovery, treatment and rehabilitation. He returned in February and learned a sense of actual combat in the second team, but he has not yet been called by coach Jurgen Klopp (55, Germany), so he has not been able to show himself. In the midst of this, he is set to leave Liverpool as his loan expires.

“My time at Liverpool is coming to an end now,” said Melu. It would be nice to have a chance to say goodbye one last time.”

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