Arsenal win? 2 matches left against Manchester City… Mixed prospects for PL legends

Can Arsenal lift the Premier League trophy again after winning undefeated in the 2003/04 season?

Arsenal won 3-2 in a home game against Manchester United in the 2022/23 season Premier League held at Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 23rd (Korean time). 

With this victory, Arsenal recorded 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 19 games in the first half, and with 50 points, Arsenal’s record for the first half of the season has risen.

In the league standings, they kept their lead by beating 2nd place Manchester City (45 points) by 5 points. 

This season, Arsenal were not expected to be favorites for the title until the league opener. 

The team was steadily reinforced by recruiting Gabriel Jejus, Oleksandro Zinchenko, and Fabio Vieira, but it was evaluated that it could be a little disappointing compared to the championship contenders. 

However, since the opening, Arsenal has not suffered major ups and downs and has maintained its lead from the 3rd round onwards. 

Jejus showed sharper offense with Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, and the defense supported by William Saliba and Gabriel Magalyangis boasted the second-best defense in the league behind Newcastle. 

In the midfield, Captain Martin Ödeghor, Granit Xaka and Thomas Party, centered on the team, showed the improved performance and secured the top-level competitiveness in the league. 

The fact that the teams competing for the championship were shaken also played a role.

While the teams mentioned as candidates for the championship, such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea, suffered a brief slump or severe slump in the first half, Arsenal did not lose a single game in the league except for the 6th round when they lost to Manchester United, and the league continued to rise. went on

As Arsenal finished the first half with the best performance, stories about Arsenal’s chances of winning began to emerge in England. 

‘Five Thirty Eight’, a sports statistics specialist, predicted that Arsenal’s chance of winning the EPL after this Manchester United match was 63%. 2nd place Man City is 34%, 3rd place Man United is 1%, the gap with Arsenal is big.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola also said, “Arsenal have everything. They have good set pieces, good defensive organization. They know how to win, how to score goals, how to enjoy and celebrate victory.” acknowledged the possibility of winning. 

However, it is not a situation where Arsenal can guarantee the league championship despite the local evaluation and the current rise in the UK. 

The biggest variable in the second half of the Arsenal League championship challenge is the difficulty and injury of the remaining schedule. 

Arsenal currently have 10 home and 9 away games remaining after playing 19 games in the first half. In the case of home games, it is okay as the lower-tier teams remain, but the problem is that due to the postponement schedule, both home and away games with Manchester City remain, and difficult away games must also be played. 

It is currently at the top of the league by overtaking Man City, but it is true that it is difficult for Arsenal to guarantee victory in both games against Man City, which is lined with top players such as Elling Hollan and Kevin The Bruiner. 

Expeditions to Newcastle and Liverpool are also not easy. 메이저사이트

Both teams have been showing strong form at home this season. Newcastle is showing a very strong appearance with 6 wins, 4 draws and 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss at home, so difficulties are expected. 

Player injuries are a familiar variable that has been holding back Arsenal for a long time.

Last season, too, Arsenal lost fourth place to Tottenham Hotspur after a large number of key players such as Thomas Party and Ben White left at the end of the season, failing to advance to the UEFA Champions League. 

In the case of this season, the risk of injury has been reduced by building a double squad by reinforcing many positions, but the lack of substitute resources for Thomas Party and Eddie Nketia can act as a risk factor in the competition for the championship at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, even among Premier League legends, opinions about Arsenal’s chances of winning the title were divided. 

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra said on his social media that Arsenal could win this season, saying, “Arsenal deserves to win.” 

However, the same Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, said in an interview after the victory over Manchester United, “Arsenal can win it, but I still think Man City will lift the trophy.”

Arsenal, who has qualified to challenge for the league title for the first time since the Arsene Wenger era, will be able to overcome all variables for the rest of the season and win the championship under the guidance of Mikel Arteta. 

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