Baek Seung-yeop of Dongguk University, who made an intense college debut, “I hope all fans know my name”

 “My personal goal is that everyone knows my name. I will work hard to get first place in our grade.”

Baek Seung-yeop (181cm, G) made a strong impression by making five 3-point shots in a match against Yonsei University in the college basketball league last year.

Baek Seung-yeop played an average of 20 minutes and 21 seconds in last year’s college basketball league, recording 9.5 points, 1.9 assists, and 44.1% (26/59) of 3-point shots, showing off his strong 3-point shot.

Baek Seung-yeop, who is participating in the second winter training at the university, said, “In the first year, there was no pressure because there were seniors.

Now , the only guards are Park Seung-jae, me, and Lee Sang-hyun, so I take responsibility for winter training.” After laughing, he said, “I don’t think it was a season that made my name known.” After laughing, he said, “At the beginning of the season, I was not confident in myself. After entering college, I suffered a lot of injuries, so I wondered if I could do well. Kim Seung-hyeop, who graduated, was like my mental support. He taught me what basketball was and what college basketball was like, and instilled confidence in me. I practiced like that and went to the game, so I thought that I could do it through my play, and it worked because I was confident.”

When Seung-yeop Baek was curious about what Seung-hyup Kim had to say, “Seung-hyup hyung thinks BQ is the best. Since my basketball stopped in high school, I think Seunghyup hyung said a lot of bad things and good things while training (laughs).” When I did, I praised him. I was grateful, and he was my mental support. Now I have to learn to stand alone.”

In the face-to-face match against Yonsei University on June 3 last year, Baek Seung-yeop won a valuable victory by concentrating on four 3-pointers in the 4th quarter.

Baek Seung-yeop said, “It was amazing (laughs). By nature, when I hit a 3-point shot, I gain confidence, so I have a strong feeling that I will just throw it and keep going. He laughed, saying, “It was amazing to go through it at university, and at Yonsei University and Gyeonggi, it was really like watching the video again, as if I was excited.”

Now, the opposing team will be wary of Baek Seung-yeop’s 3-point shot.

Baek Seung-yeop said, “Since high school, his strength has not been shooting, but breaking through with speed. If you come forward to block a shot, you can break through and give a pass to the outside, so it will be more convenient. He also showed confidence, saying, “I can put in whenever the opportunity arises, so I practice a lot to save my teammates.”

Kim Seung-hyeop, the starting point guard, graduated. Baek Seung-yeop should relieve Park Seung-jae’s burden.

Baek Seung-yeop said, “Park Seung-jae is the ace, and I expect that the defense will be crowded. Then he will give me and other players a chance. At that time, he should let him in. He thinks he is helping Seungjae hyung. He said, “All the players are constantly working hard at shooting practice.” He said, “Even when Seung-jae hyung isn’t on the court, he has to do what he can.” 안전놀이터

Dongguk University has 6 freshmen (Sunghee Woo (199cm, C), Sangyun Kim (189cm, F), Myungjin Kim (200cm, C), Jaehyuk Han (182cm, G), Jeongwon Yoo (192cm, F), Seunghyeok Baek (184cm, G))) It is considered a team that greatly strengthened the .

Baek Seung-yeop said, “Personally, I look forward to Woo Seong-hee and Yoo Jeong-won. Woo Seong-hee is a big man, but she knows how to post-up, but she passes smartly. However, there are times when she just tries to pass and makes mistakes. Woo Seong-hee will do well if he supplements that point,” he said. Even though he’s tall, he can pass smartly and break through. If Yoo Jung-won adapts quickly to college basketball, he can be an addition to the team.”

The college basketball league is scheduled to open in mid-March.

Baek Seung-yeop said, “It is not easy because it is difficult to organize our group (Group C, Yonsei, Sungkyunkwan, Dankook, and Dongguk). If you work hard to say that a hero is born in a difficult time, you can make a change like last season. We tried things like catching Yonsei University. Not afraid. If we prepare diligently and go out, good results will come out,” he said. “My personal goal is that everyone knows my name. I will work hard to get first place in our grade.”

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