‘Billiard Emperor vs. Female Empress’ PBA Team League Final ‘Suseong or Remorse?’

The same final bracket was completed for the second year in a row in the Professional Blue One Resort defeats the new team Hana Card and clashes with the defending champion, Welcome Savings Bank.

Blue One Resort played Hana Card in the second game of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-2023’ playoff (PO) held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 18th with a set score of 4 to 2 (7:11, 2:9, 15:7, 9:6, 11:4, 9:3). They won consecutively until the 4-2 (11:5, 9:8, 14:15, 9:5, 7:11, 9:0) victory in the first leg held earlier.

PO advanced to the finals with 3 wins. Blue One Resort advanced to the PO of the best-of-three games with a top advantage in second place in the regular league.

Hana Card won the first half of the regular season thanks to a flurry of new teams, but had to be content with advancing to the PO. Hana Card won TS Shampoo, Puradak, and JunPO, but failed to surpass Blue One Resort.

‘Cambodia Express’ Throng Piabi led Blue One Resort to advance to the finals. Throng won the 4th set of the mixed doubles with Kang Min-gu in the first round of PO, and then won the 6th set against Kim Ga-young in the women’s singles ace match with a 9-0 victory with a high run of 7 points. 카지노

The second round was the same. Throng returned the match to the starting point by jointly winning with Kang Min-gu in the 4th set mixed match, which was behind by a set score of 1 to 2. In the 6th set women’s singles, which turned 3-2, Throng also defeated Ga-young Kim 9-3 (5 innings) and confirmed her advance to the final.

In the final, which begins on the 19th Welcome Savings Bank, which stayed in the final runner-up after being pushed by TS and JDX in the first season, won the combined championship last year by beating Blue One Resort 4-3. Prominent players such as the strongest Frederic Coudron (Belgium) and Kim Ye-eun are waiting for the final.

However, there is no top advantage from this season’s final. In JunPO and PO, the top team played the series with one win, but Welcome Savings Bank and Blue One Resort will play the final of 7 out of 4 wins from the same starting point.

Kang Min-goo, who contributed to advancing to the finals with PO 2 wins and 1 loss, analyzed, “Thanks to Throng’s great performance, the team members gained more strength and did well.” Regarding the final, “Welcome Savings Bank is a really strong team, but we have done well so far and can win enough.” compacted

In the final, there is a prize money of 100 million won for the winner and 50 million won for the runner-up. The MVP of the finals will receive a prize of 5 million won. The finals will be broadcast on TV such as Billiards TV, MBC Sports Plus, SBS Sports, PBA & GOLF, and IB Sports, as well as the Internet, including YouTube (PBA TV, Billiards TV), Naver, Kakao TV, and Afreeca TV.

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