Bird killed by pitcher’s throw

The second most unfortunate incident ever occurred in the major leagues. A bird that happened to pass there was killed by a pitcher’s throw.

According to local media reports such as CNN on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time), the bird was hit by a practice pitch pitched by pitcher Jack Gallen ahead of the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Oakland Athletics that day.

Arizona’s ‘ace’, Gallen, was not a starter on the day, but he was practicing pitching in the outfield ahead of the game. However, while Galen threw the ball, a bird exquisitely passed through the gap. The ball hit the bird unintentionally, and the bird died on the spot. Galen was not aware of the situation at the time, but he found out after a while, a local broadcaster said.카지노사이트

The scene was recorded because the broadcast camera was filming Galen’s practice pitch.

Although it is an unofficial record, it is the second mishap in major league history. There was an incident 20 years ago during a game when a ball thrown by Arizona pitcher Randy Johnson hit a bird directly and the bird scattered as if it were about to explode was broadcast live and shocked everyone. The same thing happened again to the Arizona pitcher.

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