‘Burger King’ Azar finally released by Real…”El Clasico no-show humiliation”

No matter how you look at it, it’s the number one of all time. And now he’s having his cake and eating it too.

“Real Madrid has terminated the contract of Eden Hazard, who has one year left on his contract,” the Spanish newspaper Revolvo reported on Thursday (June 4), adding, “Hazard has left the club in disgrace after four seasons with the club.”

Azar was a former Premier League (PL) player with Chelsea. Regarded as one of the best players in the league due to his flamboyant personality and skill, he joined Real in the summer of 2019. The transfer fee was a whopping €115 million (approximately $154.3 billion).

However, after joining his dream club, Real, Azar’s fall from grace was rapid. Frequent injuries and poor self-care hindered his performance. He was even dubbed “Burger King” for his excessive weight, which he attributed to a diet that favored instant food.

Real tried to sell him on several occasions but were rebuffed. In the four seasons since joining the club in 2019, Azar has made “only” 73 appearances. His offensive output was just seven goals and 11 assists. Quite literally the worst signing ever.

There have been plenty of players in the history of soccer who have failed to live up to their billing, but rarely has there been a downward spiral like Azhar’s. In the past, players like Kaka and Philippe Coutinho, both of whom were huge transfers, have gone on to play well for other clubs.

“As it stands now, Azar is Real’s highest paid player. Despite this, he has been relegated to the bench and has only played 200 league minutes. He hasn’t even spoken to Real coach Carlo Ancelotti,” adding, “Real have informed him that he is leaving the club.”먹튀검증

“Azar was the worst player at Real,” the outlet concluded. The team won the UEFA Champions League (UCL), two league titles, and the Copa del Rey, but not the player himself,” adding that “Azpilicueta never played in ‘El Clasico’ with FC Barcelona in his four seasons with the club.”

Meanwhile, Azhar’s future is unclear. Bids have come in from the United States and the Middle East, but the player is reluctant. “Azar has always said he will retire in 2024, when his contract with Real ends,” said Revolvo, predicting an early retirement.

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