Cannon Heater, who blushed in 1994, came back after 19 years to win LG

This happened when Kim Jae-hyun, the new LG power reinforcement coordinator, was a commentator.

After the highlight program, the ending video was playing on the monitor. The ending video of the program on this day was the image of the players at the time of winning the Korean Series in 1994.

Commentator Kim Jae-hyeon, who played a key role in LG’s victory in 1994, could not take his eyes off the monitor. And after a while, his eyes were wet. Because the glory days made my heart beat again. Commissioner Kim, who had been looking at the monitor for a while, left the studio without saying a word, leaving his wet eyes behind when the video ended.

Commentator Kim Jae-hyeon wore the LG glossy jumper again.

This is because the LG Twins appointed commentator Kim Jae-hyun as the power reinforcement coordinator.

Power reinforcement coordinator Kim Jae-hyun started his professional career by joining LG after graduating from Shinil High School. In his debut season, he contributed to the team’s second championship with 20 home runs and -20 stolen bases, and won an Outfielder’s Golden Glove.

After that, he moved to SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) and retired in 2010. After his retirement, he served as hitting coach for the Yomiuri Giants, Hanwha Eagles and the national team. He served as a baseball commentator and technical committee member of the Korea Baseball Organization.

LG said, “We checked the direction of player development and established a new power reinforcement coordinator position to develop the development system. Kim Jae-hyun, power reinforcement coordinator, was judged to be the right person to strengthen the power of the club by serving as a bridge between the front desk and the field based on his experience as a national team member, on-site hitting coach, and extensive baseball-related experience and extensive knowledge while working as a commentator.” said.

In the future, Kim Jae-hyun, power reinforcement coordinator, plans to work for the purpose of strengthening strategic functions within the front desk, such as giving advice to the front desk and the overall team and improving the constitution. 메이저놀이터

Kim Jae-hyun, power reinforcement coordinator, said, “I am excited to return to the LG Twins. The club has many talented players and coaching staff. We will make sure that the front desk and the field can contribute to becoming a stronger and stronger team with one voice with the same goal.”

Coordinator Kim remembered the reddened tears at the time. Now he was ready to turn those tears into tears of joy.

Since he was a baseball player who loved LG more than anyone else, it is expected that he will put more effort into LG.

In particular, it is clear that he will do everything in his power to improve the team power that is thirsty for a championship. As the video of his last victory resonated in his heart, it is expected that he will do his best to win a new championship from the front.

Coordinator Kim, who was the last winning member of LG, recalled the situation with tears. Now he has a new mission to lead LG to a new championship.

Although he has been around for a long time, it is an undeniable fact that LG has been in his heart forever. As much as his affection, it is clear that more effort will be put into it.

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