Coach Lee Sang-yoon and Bae Jae-go’s first winter training, “Other teams will be curious”

“This is my first winter training with the students. So other teams will be curious.”

Lee Sang-yoon, coach of Bae Jae-go, was assigned to Bae Jae-go in June. After joining, he made it to the quarterfinals in the competition, and even succeeded in advancing to the playoffs. I sent both of my two high school seniors to college. We had a satisfying season.

In response, Coach Lee said, “I came on June 1st. Coach Lim Jae-hyun, who was there before, made the team well. The team was really organized. The will of the players was strong. So I think I got good results.”

Coach Lee held winter training with the players for the first time this time. When asked about winter training, coach Lee said, “I practiced the individual skills and team tactics of the players, especially the defense. From now on, we will focus on defense and show strength in defense.”

Continuing, “The height of the front line is small. So I can play faster basketball. On the contrary, the height of the back line is large. Some players are over 2m tall and some are 196cm tall. If the two players dominate the bottom of the goal and play fast basketball in the front line, it will be a strong team,” he said, conveying the team color.

Also, “I played a lot of practice matches with the university. We had practice games while visiting universities for three weeks. I have been to Uljin, Gangneung, Jeju, and Haenam. Since we faced college players, the confidence of our players has increased a lot,” he added.

“I had a lot of practice matches, so I could clearly see my weaknesses. complementing it Athletes work out their shortcomings three times at school. I do it in the morning, afternoon and night. He corrects his weaknesses and throws a lot of shots. Even now, I have one or two practice games with college,” he said, talking about the team’s situation together.

Afterwards, when coach Lee was asked about the team’s key players, he said, “(Seo) Ji-woo and (Hwang) Chi-woong.” He now knows as a player within his fingers. Rebound has its strengths. He averages around 15 catches. He doesn’t get pushed back too much even in practice matches with universities. He likes to play with strength from inside.” 온라인바카라

Then, “Chiwoong was originally a shooting guard, but this time he changed his position to a point guard. He has to lead the team’s offense. He has strengths in attacks that take away the opponent’s timing,” he said about Hwang Chi-woong.

Bae Jae-go performed well last season. He is also highly anticipated this season. Coach Lee said, “The skills of the 3rd year players are good and the team power is not bad. So I’m looking forward to it a lot. First of all, the goal is the quarterfinals. I think I need a bit of Dae Jin-woon. (Laughter) All players are doing their best to advance to the quarterfinals. If each player plays his part, I think he can go.”

Finally, “Now is the time when basketball improves the most. that is visible They are my juniors and disciples. So I am working hard by excluding what is there and what is not.” After saying, “This is my first winter training with the students. That’s why other teams will be curious,” he concluded the interview.

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