‘Come to your senses!’ → Porter, ‘Army enlistment’ with the players → Strange training methods such as ballet and rap performances became a hot topic

 English Premier League Chelsea coach Graham Porter, who has recently been posting disappointing results, has started rebuilding the team with new training. This is a method that is very familiar in Korea. It is to join the military and receive mental training.

England’s The Sun reported on the 28th that manager Porter ‘went into the army with Chelsea stars to improve team spirit’.

In September of last year, when he signed a five-year contract, the media predicted that Porter could transform Chelsea into a culture club, just as he had coached Sweden.

Porter’s way of running a team is different from other managers. He encourages the arts in players and staff. It is said that he is like an artistic director, not a coach coaching football players.

An example is Sweden. He managed Östersund from 2011-18. At the time, he was writing books to players and giving outdoor rock concerts. The most memorable trip is said to have been the players’ ‘Swan Lake’ performance.

Looking at the photos from that time, it’s no joke. The players gave a real performance. Fortunately, the rugged, muscular soccer players did not wear ballet suits. I was wearing a tracksuit and no ballet shoes. Still, it is true that they performed ‘Swan Lake’. 먹튀검증

It is said that such a porter ‘enlisted’ to build team spirit in four months after taking charge of Chelsea.

Once in Korea, there was a time when training to enlist in the Marine Corps and mentally arm yourself was popular. It can be considered similar to this.
Porter led the squad and entered an army unit near Hamspear on the 25th. It is known as an operational training camp with a long and famous history in the UK.

Chelsea have already been eliminated from the FA Cup this season. Because of that, the team had a short break, so Porter used this time to enlist in the army.

However, he would have thought that military-style training included tremendous hard training, but Porter said that contrary to expectations, he received only mental training.

Porter is preparing another unique drill. He says he’s preparing for some ‘fresh training’ next week, but it’s a secret.

I wonder if Porter’s unique training method will be effective.

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