Confession of an old man who pinned late “The caddy who raised me up was diagnosed with terminal cancer”

Stephen Alker (New Zealand), who only blossomed in his professional life after coming to the Champions Tour after turning 50, showed a deep friendship with his caddy.

Alker has played on the PGA Tour since 2003, but has never reached the top. Rather, he was left to worry about Sid going back and forth on the second division tour. He has four victories on the second division tour.

However, his life changed in an instant. The Champions Tour, which he participated in at the age of 50, changed him into a protagonist. He was very active last year alone, winning four victories on the Champions Tour, earning $3,544,425 and becoming the prize money king. He even received the Player of the Year award from the Golf Writers Association of America (GWAA).

His brilliant life reversal was accompanied by caddy Sam Workman. Those who met in 2019 breathed together from difficult times to the Champions Tour. However, Workman was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Alker has always been a friend, older brother, and reliable companion to fight the disease.

Alker said, “Walkman has been more than a caddy to me over the past four years. He’s been my friend, my motivator, my decision-maker and my fighter. We’ve had our rough times, but we’ve had some really good ones lately. He’s like a big brother to me.” he confessed

Workman, who is four years older than Alker, started playing golf at age six, managing courses in his hometown of Texas. Afterwards, he was accidentally invited to caddy, and for the past 15 years he has been caddying for Korn Ferry tours. Then, it is known that he met Alker through the introduction of a friend. 슬롯사이트

Alker cheered, saying, “My heart is heavy to share the shocking news that he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I want to let him and his family know that he is not alone in these uncertain times.”

Alker will not play in the PGA Champions Tour Trophy Hassan 2 this week. Choi Gyeong-ju (53) and Yang Yong-eun (51) were on the list of contestants.

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