Confidence of Kim Gil-li, a promising female short track speed skater, “My goal is to be number 1 in the world rankings”

Reporter Lee Jae-sang = Kim Gil-ri (19, Seongnam City Hall), a promising female short track speed skater who successfully completed her senior stage debut, showed her determination to rise to the top of the world rankings shyly but confidently.

The short track team, including Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall), who stands tall as the signboard of men’s short track, returned to Korea through Incheon Airport on the 14th after completing the 2022-23 season International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup series.

Compared to Park Ji-won in the men’s short track who swept 14 gold medals by herself, the women’s team’s performance was a bit disappointing. Existing signboards such as Choi Min-jeong (Seongnam City Hall) and Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall) fell somewhat short of expectations.

But there are also clear harvests. Gilli Kim, who swept her junior stage, took her first senior stage and performed beyond expectations. Gil-Li Kim won her Taegeuk mark by winning the overall first place in her national selection in May last year, and she showed her true worth this season.

She placed 4th in the women’s division after Susan Schulting (Netherlands, 1062 points), Courtney Saro (Canada, 776 points), and Hanne Desmet (Belgium, 744 points) in the final ranking of her 1st to 6th World Cup results, Gilly Kim. went up It is a higher ranking than Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall, 700 points), who ranked 6th, and Choi Min-jeong (Seongnam City Hall, 572 points), who ranked 9th.

In particular, Gilly Kim performed her golden run in the women’s 1500 m in her second and fifth competitions, taking her World Cup rankings to the top (450 points) in this event, and also kept the 1500 m lead in the world rankings.

At the scene of her return to Korea, Kim Gil-ri put on a shy expression when she saw many reporters. He said, “I’m happy that I finished my first senior stage well.” 슬롯사이트

Gilly Kim added, “I did better than expected in the 1st and 2nd competitions, so I actually wanted to keep the 1st place in the 1500m race. I am happy to be able to achieve that goal.”

Through competition with world-class players such as Schulting, Gilly Kim has grown a handful.

He said, “I had a lot of experience in terms of racing during the competition,” and “I came to know the parts that I was not familiar with one by one.” “Overall, I was very lacking in leading the race,” he said.

Even so, he made a bold expression, saying, “I thought I was the best physically than other players.”

Gili Kim, who gained confidence through the world stage, was determined to continue her momentum at the ISU World Championships, which will be held at the ice rink in Mok-dong, Seoul for three days from the 10th of next month.

He emphasized, “Because it is a game where many Korean fans come, I will prepare with more effort than now.

He still has a youthful expression, but his gaze is looking at the highest place. When asked about the “goal he wants to achieve,” he confidently said, “No. 1 in the world rankings” without hesitation. Many fans are looking forward to seeing how far Gilly Kim, the ‘future’ of the world’s strongest Korean short track speed skating, can grow.

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