Director Ahn Ik-soo, “Ui-jo has something special… It will exceed expectations”

“(Hwang) Uijo is a special player. If we combine synergies, I think he will perform well beyond expectations.”

FC Seoul said on the club website on the 5th, “We confirmed the rental recruitment of national striker Hwang Eui-jo (31).” We decided on this recruitment because we thought it would create a synergistic effect.”

The current head coach of FC Seoul is Ahn Ik-soo. Coincidentally, director Ahn Ik-soo and Hwang Eui-jo have a past relationship. In 2013, when Hwang Ui-jo made his professional debut in Seongnam, the coach at the time was Ahn Ik-soo. Hwang Ui-jo played 22 games that season, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist.

As time passed, he reunited with FC Seoul. Seoul only scored 43 points (11th place) due to empty space last season. To compensate for this, he embraced Hwang Eui-jo, the ‘national striker’. Hwang Eui-jo also needed a turning point in his life in Europe, and he dreamed of a better future by choosing to accompany him to Seoul. It was a contract that was concluded by meeting each other’s needs.

Seoul finished the first battery training in Hua Hin, Thailand, and will conduct the second battery training in Kagoshima, Japan from the 6th. Hwang Eui-jo joins the Kagoshima training and begins to quench.

On the morning of the 6th, director Ahn Ik-soo stood in front of reporters at the departure hall on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2 at Incheon International Airport.

Q. Impressions of leaving for off-campus training

“I think the fans will expect a lot. There will be support in it. What we have to do is to meet their needs. That preparation is the most necessary. I went to Kagoshima as the final preparation process in order to meet the requirements, but I will do my best to prepare.”

Q. Hwang Eui-jo joins short-term loan, worries

“There was no special concern. I remember that (Hwang) Ui-jo was a sophomore at Yonsei University in Seongnam and joined the team as a priority. Ui-jo’s professionalism, representing our country in it. As a national team player, I think the thoughts of good dedication and sacrifice are a good message for our team.,Uijo’s condition, which our fans regret the most, will show better performance than now through support, and we will also achieve the same goal. I think there will be better things to come.”

Q. Number of points you want

“I can’t say anything because I think it will be burdensome. I will have more thoughts within it. I have to show the time of 1 year, 2 years, 3 years in 6 months, so it will take more effort. And I expect to play a lot of roles because I have to meet expectations.”

Q. Coexistence with Ilyuchenko

“Through the last field training, a certain part of the player composition is being finalized. We are thinking of various ideas that can produce the greatest effect within it.” 온라인카지노

Q. Role

“There are veteran players and new players on our team. Since Euijo is a player with special qualities, I think he will be able to take on a role in our team. If we combine synergies, I think he will perform well beyond expectations. “

Q. Hwang Ui-jo joins, Ik-su-ball concept maintained

“If Ui-jo doesn’t do that, I’ll be scolded. (Laughs)”

(After a welcome greeting) “There was nothing special. I was with you in my first professional relationship. We know each other well, and the recruiting process I think Esau made a lot of effort. I know what is needed. I think Uijo will work hard.”

Q. Expectations of some of the promising players

“Athletes who want to create a new story with us and want to wear the Seoul emblem on their left chest. I expect such players to create synergies and play a big role.”

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