Director Cho Sang-hyun was wrong? What is more difficult than 20 mistakes + winning?

 LG won despite making 20 mistakes. Even more remarkable than this is that they won even with scores in the 60s.

Changwon LG defeated Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation 68-63 in the 4th match of the season held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 28th. With this victory, they tasted their first three home wins of the season. The gap with the first place KGC Ginseng Corporation was also narrowed to two games. He also kept the second place alone. It was a meaningful victory in many ways.

LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said after the victory that day, “We made 20 mistakes today (28th). Because of this, the players are spurred on. After doing well in the 1st and 2nd quarters, another match like the previous Korea Gas Corporation and KCC (falling into a slump in the 3rd and 4th quarters) came out. He pushes the players or encourages them, but this is ultimately concentration. Today, my concentration dropped, but luck came from defense, rebounding, and what I wanted to do again at the end. We were all behind in shooting success rate, fast break, and error, but we were able to win by tying the first-place team with 63 points with rebounds and defense.”

As coach Cho Sang-hyun mentioned, the rebound advantage is the key to victory. LG took a 42-30 lead in rebounding, and the team rebounded with an absolute advantage of 9-1. The total of the two rebounds is 20 more.

In the team rebound, I missed what kgc ginseng construction could catch, so lg was given the right to attack, and the gap widened. it’s luck

Director Jo Sang-hyun said, “We were really lucky. It’s not easy to make 20 mistakes and win. I was really lucky,” he said.

So how easy would it be to make 20 mistakes and win?

Looking at the winning rate of teams with 20 or more errors since the launch of professional basketball, it is 41.3% (147 wins, 209 losses). With a win rate of 4 out of 10, it’s hard to say it’s not easy to win.

The only thing more difficult than winning with 20 or more errors is winning with less than 70 points.

LG only scored 68 points. won nonetheless It is thanks to the defense that tied the opponent to a lower score. 메이저놀이터

The winning rate of games scoring less than 70 points in the regular league is 14.7% (284 wins, 1645 losses). It is about 1/3 of the win rate when more than 20 errors are recorded.

Making 20 mistakes is definitely a problem. The total number of errors in the game between Seoul SK and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which went to the third overtime on the same day, is 21. In the match between Wonju DB and Jeonju KCC, only 17 errors were made. LG alone made more mistakes than both teams recorded, so of course we need to make up for it.

However, “many mistakes = defeats” is a misguided view. The record says so.

It would be more accurate if coach Jo Sang-hyun said that it is not easy to win even after scoring 60 points.

LG is recording 3 wins and 5 losses and a 37.5% win rate in scoring games below 70 points this season. This is a fairly high win rate compared to the fact that they have not won a single win in five teams or scores below 70 this season.

◆ Each team scored less than 70 points
KT 6 losses
Korea Gas Corporation 5 losses
KGC Ginseng Corporation 3 losses
Carrot, SK 2 losses
KCC 1 wins 7 losses
Hyundai Mobis, DB 1 wins 3 losses
Samsung 3 wins 9 losses
LG 3 wins 5 losses

Moreover, LG had a low win rate of 8.3% (4 wins, 44 losses) in scoring games with less than 70 points in five seasons from the 2017-2018 season to last season. In the 2013-2014 season, when he won the regular league, he recorded a record of 36.4% (4 wins, 7 losses), similar to this season.

◆ LG Winning rate when scoring less than 70 points in the last 10 seasons
2013~2014 4 wins 7 losses 36.4%
2014~2015 2 wins 8 losses 25%
2015~2016 6 losses 0%
2016~2017 1 wins 6 losses 14.3%
2017~2018 8 losses 0%
2018-2019 1 loss 0%
2019-2020 2 wins 14 losses 12.5%
​​2020-2021 11 losses 0%
2021-2022 2 wins 10 losses 16.7%
2022-2023 3 wins 5 losses 37.5%

LG played offensive basketball over the past two seasons, but rather played defensive basketball. There was a gap between the goal and the actual game. This season, when coach Jo Sang-hyun took office, he clearly emphasizes defense first and pursues it in practice.

Thanks to that, LG runs second place by playing winning basketball even with a small score.

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