“Don’t come out to GS”… Volleyball world, ‘prohibition of participation in parent team’ controversy spread

Reporter Park Dae-ro = Controversy is brewing as it is known that libero Oh Ji-young (35), who transferred from GS Caltex to Pepper Savings Bank in women’s professional volleyball, will not be able to compete against her parents’ team.

Pepper Savings Bank announced the absence of Oh Ji-young ahead of the GS Caltex game held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 23rd, and said, “During the trade process, we agreed not to put Oh Ji-young in the remaining matches against GS Caltex this season.”

Pepper, who was in the midst of losing after the opening, recruited veteran libero Oh Ji-young from GS Caltex at the end of last year, giving him the right to pick in the first round of the 2024-2025 season. After that, Oh Ji-young continued to play as a starter, and Pepper was able to raise his power.

When it was revealed that Oh Ji-young was banned from participating in the match between the two teams this season due to an agreement between the clubs, some in the volleyball world criticized that the player’s rights were violated. If the opportunity to participate is restricted to a specific player, they may be placed at a disadvantage in terms of personal records. Complaints can also be raised from the point of view of the spectators enjoying the game.

It’s a pity that Pepper broke the most consecutive losses (13 consecutive losses) in the women’s home game by beating GS Caltex. If Pepper lost again this time, the public opinion surrounding Oh Ji-young’s absence could have heated up even more.

In addition, there is a view that the request of GS Caltex, which blocked Oh Ji-young from participating, is excessive. Pepper was a team that was thirsty for one win and was rated a few steps below GS Caltex in terms of skills. Criticism is whether it is fair to demand that the core Oh Ji-young be removed against such a team. 바카라

Regarding the emphasis that GS Caltex tried to guarantee the player’s opportunity to play by sending Oh Ji-young, who was pushed out of the starting lineup, to Pepper, volleyball fans are expressing disappointment when this agreement was revealed.

Regarding this, GS Caltex expresses its embarrassing position, saying that an agreement was reached between the clubs within the scope of the federation regulations.

GS Caltex explained that instead of sending Oh Ji-young, he was considerate of Pepper by receiving the rookie nomination right after 2 years instead of the right to be nominated after 1 year, and in the process, he added an additional prohibition clause, but had no other intentions.

In a situation where the federation allowed such an agreement, it seems that there were some aspects that made it difficult for GS Caltex to exclude clauses that were advantageous to them.

The federation plans to review improvement plans with clubs while sympathizing with the awareness of the problem that players’ rights may be violated. Attention is focusing on whether federations and clubs will be able to break past practices and come up with new rules based on this controversy.

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