‘Entertainment Outing’ Park Hang-seo “Leave your hair alone”

◀ Anchor ▶

Director Park Hang-seo, who returned home yesterday, visited MBC for the first time.

Continuing remarks were a hot topic, but what did you talk about today?

◀ Report ▶

Coach Park Hang-seo returned to a warm welcome after 5 years of coaching the Vietnam national team.

The day after he returned home, he visited the broadcasting station to shoot an entertainment program.

[Park Hang-seo]
“I didn’t want to do it, but I kept talking about it (I ended up appearing). I’m like this, but I’m not good at it.”

I am still unfamiliar with the camera.

Seeing his disciple Chun-soo Lee appearing with him, I feel a little relieved.

[Park Hang-seo·Lee Chun-soo]
“Haha Cheon-soo!> This is news, this is my channel ‘Ri Chun-soo’. Let’s say hello. <Hello> You should dress up.”

And then the face makeup..

“It looked bad because it was thick.”

He even finished getting his hair done.

“Keep it simple. Whatever you do, just don’t do it artificially and let it be.” 토토사이트

But there was something else I was really concerned about.

Following the criticism of the appointment of foreign coaches for the national soccer team, it became a bit burdensome when the remark that ‘the technical chairman in charge of the selection process must be a Korean’ became a hot topic.

[Park Hang-seo]
“Because the press keeps putting the title of ‘statement of belief’ on what I said, people around me tell me to be careful. I decided not to talk about it in the future.”

You’ve been waiting for an offer for a new manager position, so you’ll hear good news soon, right?

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