Even if you miss the win… ‘290 Yards’ TV room surprise star

The 18th hole on the final day of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, the 8th tournament of the KLPGA Tour season held at the Suwon CC New Course (par 72) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th. Lim Jin-hee calmly made a 2.7m birdie putt and became the final winner. Lim Jin-hee, who won her first professional win at the BC Card Hankyung Ladies Open in June 2021, made it her first win of the season and her third career win.

On this day, the main character was different. That’s her 19-year-old Bang Sin-sil, who debuted on the KLPGA tour this season. Bang Shin-sil, who hit long shots of around 300 yards from the first day of the tournament, hit a 286-yard tee shot from the first hole that day and showed off two more drive shots over 290 yards.

The Bang Shin-sil is the third competition this season. However, until this day, they played in the championship group twice. At the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season, which ended on the 30th of last month, he started as a tie for the lead and finished in a tie for fourth place. And on this day, at the last hole of the 17th and 18th holes, there were consecutive tee shot mistakes, and I forgot two strokes and finished in a tie for 3rd place.카지노사이트

However, there are not many opportunities for golf fans to see the TV room. This is because last year’s seed match, where he was sluggish in 40th place, can only appear in tournaments with more than 132 players. This season, at most, you can participate in around 10 competitions.

It is almost impossible to meet the condition of ‘participating in more than 30% of seasonal competitions’ to be recognized for prize money ranking. Then, no matter how much prize money you accumulate, you will not be able to secure next year’s seed that will give you the 60th place in the prize money rankings. In addition, it is not possible to win various point rankings with the condition of ‘participating in more than 50% of the season competition’.

He is currently in 21st place with 110.5 million won in three competitions this season, but he has to be satisfied with the money he earned. The only way is to ‘win’. However, Bang Shin-sil blew away her second chance to win with a single mistake in her last driver shot.

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