Every game is a growth drama‥’European leagues are interested’

Kim Ji-soo, an 18-year-old defender who was on the radar of European soccer before the tournament.

Compensating for Choi Seok-hyun’s relative lack of height, she competed with the strikers… and was a key part of the defense, playing full-time in all but one game.

[Kim Ji-Soo/U-20 National Team]
“I didn’t defend alone, all the players helped me, so I think we were able to defend well…”

Bae Jun-ho was the centerpiece of the defense.

After a fantastic assist and goal…he won a penalty kick and caught the opposing defense off guard, catching all eyes after the round of 16…

[Bae Jun-Ho/U-20 National Team]
“I’m sorry that I didn’t create any offensive points myself, and I don’t think I was able to help my teammates.”

There were also surprise performances from players with no professional experience.

Captain Lee Seung-won, who has only fourth division experience, was involved in six of the team’s nine goals, matching Lee Kang-in four years ago…Choi Seok-hyun, the only college student among the field players, made a name for himself as a goal-scoring defender…

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 national team coach]
“We have players who have grown so much that we’re surprised…I think they’ve grown to the next level because they’ve been with us for about a year and seven months, and they’ve proven that they’ve brought out this potential that they didn’t even know they had, and that they’re competitive.”먹튀검증

As the team continues to improve with each game, expectations are growing for the future of Korean soccer beyond this tournament.

[Steady Hwan/MBC commentator]
“When you look at the level of discipline in the game, showing patience and perseverance, these are the players who will eventually be the main players in 2026…”

MBC News’ Park Jae-woong.

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