“Every season is a heyday”… ’07 Kim Sun-hyung-Ose-geun, from enemy to colleague

After facing off as rivals in last season’s championship game, Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun will now play on the same side of the court. Seoul SK held a joint press conference with Kim Sun-hyung following the signing of Oh Se-geun.

SK held a joint press conference with Kim Sun-hyung on Monday at the KBL Center in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to celebrate the signing of Oh Se-geun. On March 18, SK announced that it had “signed free agent (FA) Oh Se-geun for a three-year contract with a total first-year salary of 750 million won.”

Oh’s move to SK is notable because SK has Kim Sun-hyung. Oh and Kim were teammates at Chung-Ang University, where they won 52 consecutive games and went undefeated. Kim Sun-hyung greeted the signing, saying, “I’m Kim Sun-hyung, happy that (Oh) Se-geun-hyung came.” He also said, “Personally, I really wanted him to come. I was cautious because he is a free agent. I called him once because he didn’t sign the contract. I was praying and waiting.”

“Of course, I didn’t sign because of (Kim) Sun-hyung’s phone call. But we talked a lot because it made me think back to my childhood, and I thought I could do it again. I’ve gotten older, but I feel like I have better opportunities. I’m worried about it, but I’ll get through it,” he said.

As for the nickname ‘seniors,’ which refers to older basketball players, Kim said he doesn’t really like it, but it reminds him of a line from the drama Douglas. “I remember the line, ‘You’ll always be young. Will you still be young next year?” he said, adding that at the championship media day, he was Moon Dong-eun, but now he is Park Yeon-jin. He continued, “The MVPs were all seniors, and I think it’s rude to snipe at the memories of the five years we played together. I hope our fans won’t be hurt,” he explained.

When asked about competing for the title with Jeonju KCC with the transfer of Choi Jun-yong, Kim said, “Se-geun’s brother came and (Choi) Jun-yong transferred. We’ll see. KT and LG also seem to have gotten stronger.”

When asked about SK’s basketball philosophy, Oh said, “I heard it’s called running basketball. But it’s not just running constantly like in the past. The basketball I’ve always played is according to all the coaches. I can adapt to the basketball that the coach thinks. There’s no particular pressure. If it goes well, I can discover a new side of myself,” he said with confidence.먹튀검증

In conclusion, Oh said, “I heard some bad things because of my injury, but I worked with more vigor. That’s why I am who I am today. If I hadn’t received such feedback, I wouldn’t have improved. If you’re going to be bitter with me, I’m going to be ready to move up. Even though I’m on a new team, I’ll do my best to not be the same person on the team as usual,” he said.

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