“Failed to develop pitcher development” Lotte former foreigner, who is sad about the Korean baseball failure

Ryan Sadoski (41), who is well known to Korean fans for playing in the KBO League for three years wearing a Lotte uniform, pointed out the problems of Korean baseball.

On the 18th, Sadoski opened up about the WBC and Korean baseball through his SNS, saying, “I hope that the sluggishness in recent international competitions will become a catalyst for Korean baseball to grow one step further and bring about positive changes.” .안전놀이터

Korea, which was placed in Group B at the 2023 WBC, failed to pass the first round and suffered a high defeat. I suffered the humiliation of being knocked out in the first round three times in a row. Korea, who suffered a shock come-from-behind defeat 7-8 in the first game against Australia, lost 4-13 as the mound shook in the match against Japan held the next day. They won against the Czech Republic (7-3 wins) and China (22-2, 5 calls), but failed to advance to the quarterfinals.

Regarding the 2013 WBC, which was eliminated in the first round for the first time, Sadoski recalled that it was “the time when the Korean national team’s lack of power analysis was revealed,” and said, “After the 2013 WBC defeat against the Netherlands, the Korean baseball team continued to perform below expectations, but “It wasn’t as disappointing as the 2021 Olympics and the 2023 WBC Games. The improvements proposed by baseball fans and pundits seemed short-sighted. They lacked the long-term vision essential for the KBO League to lead the way in future international competitions.” he pinched.

He did not spare his bitter voice in fostering Korean baseball. He said, “A player like Kim Ha-seong proved that he could work at the MLB level. There are also many outstanding players in the KBO. Like Yang Eui-ji and Choi Jeong, who have never played in the major leagues, they have enough talent and ability to succeed there. And There are several young and talented players who will get a chance to play at the major league level in the future.”

In particular, he criticized the failure of ‘pitch training’. Sadoski said, “I have a love for Korean baseball, and the KBO league has always been in my heart, so it’s sad to see the Korean national team go down the road of failure.” he pinched.

At the same time, Sadoski compared the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the present. “In 2008, players like Kim Seon-woo, Song Seung-jun and Jang Won-sam were the number two priority for the Olympic team. If these players were on the WBC team in 2023, they would have been classified as the best pitchers,” he said.

“The lack of pitching depth in the KBO is worrying,” he repeatedly pointed out. “Over the past four years, KBO clubs have shown signs of wanting to help foster the KBO league by recruiting instructors, general managers, and new front management. Unfortunately, such a team They wereted their time pursuing the value of their name.”

Finally, Sadoski said, “If the league does not admit its failure on the international stage and admits that it will do better, positive change will not occur.” I think I have enough ability to rebound. I hope that moment will come soon, “he cheered for the future of Korean baseball.

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