‘Family invitation + health food’ Serving Leo is very active, OK Financial Group’s efforts behind it

The first priority in the success of foreign players is adapting to the culture and team atmosphere of the country. In that respect, the performance of Leonardo Leiva Martinez (33, registered name Leo) this season is the result of the passion of the player himself and the efforts of the club.

In fact, Leo has experience in the V-League. He started playing on loan at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2012-2013 season, and won the regular season MVP and championship MVP for three seasons. After playing in an overseas league, he returned to the V-League after 7 years through OK Financial Group ahead of last season. Despite playing few games due to a last-minute injury, he played the first season of his return smoothly, ranking in the top 5 in a number of offensive indicators.

This year, the second year of OK Financial Group, it is showing top-notch activity in the league with an explosive serve, 2nd in scoring (614 points) and 8th in total offense (50.51%). His standout metrics are his serve and triple crown. With 0.913 per set, he was significantly ahead of 0.529 of Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital), who placed second in the same category, and became the serve king with 1st place in serve score (418 points). If this continues, Göregi Groser’s record for the most points scored per set in a season (0.829 per set) in the 2015-2016 season will also be broken.

In the Triple Crown, he has already left his name in the history of the V-League. Last year, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (December 2), Woori Card (December 6), Korea Electric Power Corporation (December 11), and KB Insurance (December 16) won four consecutive triple crowns for the first time in league history. achieved Among them, against KEPCO, he recorded a triple crown in the first set, surprising volleyball officials. It is a bonus that he broke his record of the most round MVP in the men’s division with 7 times in his tremendous performance.

This performance was supported by Leo’s own efforts and the consideration of the OK Financial Group club. Leo felt great regret for not being able to play volleyball last season. Because of this, he lost weight during his off-season and returned to the weight he had during Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, when he was most active.

During the season, these efforts continued, and during the All-Star period, he devoted himself to weight training. According to him, he didn’t win the serve king contest because he worked too hard. In an interview right after the All-Star Game held on the 29th, Leo joked, “I really wanted to win because I’m in good shape and serve these days.” 먹튀검증

The club was helping Leo stay in top shape. Leo is well known in the volleyball world as a philanthropist and a good father who invests as much as possible in his family on his days off. OK Financial Group, where mothers and sons visited Korea last season and saw results, invited mothers, wives and daughters this season. When Leo’s mother visited the volleyball court for the first time this year after entering the country, the team leader personally prepared a bouquet of flowers to greet her, and delivered small gifts such as a doll for her daughter Daniela, who visited Ansan Sangnoksu Gymnasium every OK Financial Group home game. Leo’s wife and daughter, who also experienced throwing the first pitch in a home game on January 1st, left the country on the 9th with happy memories.

I didn’t forget to save the spirit. Prior to the game on the 1st, a commemorative frame was made and presented as a gift for Leo, who achieved the first triple crown in 4 consecutive games in the V-League. In the home game on the 17th, a self-made trophy was also presented to Leo, who achieved 300 points in the V-League career and filled the standard record.

An official from OK Financial Group said, “Leo and his family helped Leo and his family by finding memorable domestic attractions and planning vacation routes so that they could have good memories in Korea. Wild ginseng, their favorite health food, is also steadily supported this season. He said, “(At this trend), Leo expressed his gratitude directly at the dinner table where all the members of the club gathered.”

OK Financial Group is currently in 4th place with 12 wins and 12 losses (37 points), 1 point away from Woori Card (14 wins and 10 losses, 38 points). The first game of the 5th round is Hyundai Capital, who tied Leo tightly in the last game of the 4th round. The volleyball world is looking forward to whether Leo, who gained good energy from the All-Star Game, will take revenge against Hyundai Capital.

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