‘Faster than anyone else, different from others’ Seoul expects ‘X Factor’ Willian

 The players who make the difference on the field and who influence the outcome are called ‘game changers’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘crack’. Brazilian striker Willian (29), who joined FC Seoul this year, is just such a type.

Willian is small in size, but solid, and is a side striker and shadow striker with both speed and strength. He is directly or indirectly involved in scoring by boldly penetrating the side and penetrating the goal. Willian, who is from Brazil but has mainly been active on the European stage, joined Gwangju in 2019 and scored 37 goals and 12 assists in a total of 96 games in K-League 1 and 2 over the past four seasons. He boasted of his outstanding productivity, recording 1 offensive point per 2 full games. Last season, as a member of Gyeongnam and Daejeon Hana, he scored 13 goals and 5 assists in the K-League 2 and was selected as the best 11 of the season.

If you look at Willian’s 13 goals, the reverse goal was the most with 4. Equalizer (3 times), additional goal (3 times), first goal (2 times), chase goal (1 time) in order. He scored a come-from-behind goal against E-Land and Asan in Chungcheongnam-do. This ability to flip the tide of the game is what Seoul needed. Seoul only scored 3 wins, 5 draws, 11 losses and 14 points in the 2022 season. It showed a big difference from the performance of the game in which the opening goal was scored (8 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses, 29 points). The come-from-behind win was only three games away. Seoul finished the 2022 season in ninth place, two steps down from the 2021 season. 먹튀검증

Seoul’s 2022 season team score (43 goals) is not much different from the 2021 season team score (46 goals), but it was low enough to rank second in the league as a whole. It was a season in which it was regrettable that there was a ‘game changer’ that would make a difference in the game, and a ‘crack’ that could change the result by itself in a difficult situation. The highest field goal scorer in the team was Ilyuchenko (7 goals), who joined in the summer. Although Willian is in the K-League 2, only field goals have been scored 12 goals. He also scored goals with both feet and a header.

Willian showed good chemistry with tall strikers such as Felipe (currently Chengdu) in Gwangju and Tiago in Gyeongnam. In Seoul, there is Ilyuchenko, who is 1m87 tall and is good at fighting. When the first-rate Chenko fights the defense in the post play, Willian has space and room to show his talents. I wonder how synergistic the big & small combination of ‘Will-Lyuchenko’ will be. It is certain that the attack form of Willian’s newly added ‘Iksuball’ will be very different from the 2022 season. After completing the first overseas field training in Hua Hin, Thailand on the 30th, Seoul will start the second field training in Kagoshima, Japan from February 6th to 18th.

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