Following Alemani, Cruyff’s son also leaves Barça…’Deco is likely to take over’

Jordi Cruyff’s son is leaving and Deco is coming in.

Barcelona said on the club website on the 17th (Korean time), “Cruyff International Sports Director will leave Barcelona at the end of June 30. Director Cruyff has decided not to sign a new contract. It was reported to the president of Porta.”

Cruyff is the son of Johan Cruyff, one of the greatest players in world football history beyond Barcelona. Like his father, he played for Barcelona. He grew up in Barcelona youth, played in the first team and played for Manchester United and Deportivo Alaves. He continued his career at Espanyol and took off his soccer boots in 2010.

After his retirement, he became a manager. After Mikabi Tel Aviv, he was assigned to Chongqing Lifan and experienced the Asian stage. He also led the Ecuadorian national team and held the helm of Shenzhen FC. Then he returned to Barcelona in 2021. It was his first return in 25 years since leaving Barcelona in 1996. He led the Barcelona management team with La Porta president and Mate Hualemani director.

Barcelona also said, “Cruyff said that Barcelona are working hard to establish a new management structure and will provide full support to ensure that the summer transfer window goes well. “Thank you. Over the past two seasons, Cruyff has been instrumental in the rebuilding of Barcelona. He has built a good relationship with the coaching staff and has shown great ability.”먹튀검증

Finally, “Barcelona thanked Cruyff for his important contribution as a member of the management team. We wish him success in the future.”

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who has high public confidence in the European football transfer market, said, “Barcelona will soon appoint Deco as a new director. The appointment is very close. Talks are progressing and Deco agrees to 90% of the details presented by Barcelona. I did. I’m just adjusting a few situations.”

Deco is a midfielder who led Portugal’s golden generation in the 2000s and made his name known by winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in Porto with coach Jose Mourinho. After that, he played for Barcelona for four years from 2004. He retired from playing for Chelsea and Fluminense. When he comes to Barcelona as a director, it is his return after 15 years.

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