‘GK main competition’ Jeong Min-ki, “Joining the best team, I feel both joy and pressure”

“Joining the best team, I feel both joy and pressure”. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai had a change in their goalkeeper lineup ahead of this season. Song Bum-geun, who had been the main goalkeeper, needed a new goalkeeper as he moved to Japan’s J-League Shonan Bellmare. Kim Jeong-hoon, who returned from Gimcheon, exists, but Lee Beom-soo also left for Bucheon. Jeonbuk moved quickly and recruited Jeong Min-gi, who played an active role in FC Anyang. 

Jeong Min-gi, who made his professional debut in Anyang in 2018, got a chance from 2020 and became a main player in 2021. He made stable results and was nominated for the K-League 2 Best 11 for two consecutive seasons. 

Jeong Min-ki, whom we met during training in Marbella, Spain, said, “I was really surprised when I first came to Jeonbuk. There were really great facilities and great players. I always learn whenever I exercise. It’s good. It’s the best environment for players to exercise.” 

Then, he explained, “I was under a lot of pressure because I joined the position where Song Bum-geun left. The coach always emphasizes to do it with confidence. I came with a burden and gratitude, but I continue to feel it.” 

Jeonbuk’s offensive line, with the departure of starting pitcher Song Bum-keun, is fiercely competing for starting positions. It is no exaggeration to say that he is standing on a new starting line. Jeong Min-ki said, “There is also (Kim) Jeong-hoon, who is playing as a starting player in the Olympic team. You don’t know who will get a chance. You have no choice but to do your best. Coach Lee Woon-jae also always says to improve. I just think that I will do my best. are doing,” he explained. 

Jeong Min-ki’s wish is to face his idol Jo Hyeon-woo (Ulsan). However, the competition is fierce even with outside goalkeepers. He said, “I think my strong point is my ability to save. Of course, there will be a difference in level between K-League 2 and K-League 1, but I came to the winning team. Therefore, I want to show everyone who I am in the opening match.”  온라인바카라

He also emphasized, “I am happy and burdened by the fact that I joined the team that recently won the most championships in the K-League. However, I am working with the determination to be a player of the winning team. I will work harder without losing the spirit I had when I first joined.” 

On the other hand, Jeong Min-ki added about Anyang, “I said my last goodbye to the fans. However, I couldn’t convey all my heart through a letter. This is a team I will never forget in my life. Thank you for your support so far and I will always support you from afar.”

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