‘Going to America in 3 years’ SSG, spring camp keyword is overface boundary

Reporter Seo Jang-won = In the spring camp of SSG Landers, which is being held in Florida, USA, the keyword that is mentioned the most by coaching staff, players, and club officials is ‘overface boundary’.

SSG, who had held spring camps in Jeju Island for the past two years, could not train in a satisfactory environment due to cold winds and low temperatures.

Because of this environment, most of the players trained while worrying about injuries due to the cold, and their condition had to come up later. 먹튀검증

But this year, with training in a warmer climate, everything is the exact opposite of last year.

Senior training coach Park Chang-min said, “The players seem to be exerting a little more energy because they are more satisfied with the weather. The weather is warm, so they can move their bodies more vigorously, and the body heat is maintained enough, compared to when it was cold even with the same stimulation. The damage to the muscle tissue can be reduced.”

He added, “Still, I am not vigilant. On the contrary, since the environment is good, I am constantly checking to make sure that players do not go over pace because they can be greedy.”

Director Kim Won-hyung also advised, “The younger the player, the more he wants to be recognized when joining the camp. If he overdoes it, he can get injured. Since he came to exercise in a good environment, I hope he doesn’t over-face.” .

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