Goyang Carrot, virtually life-limited life… Crisis disappearing in one season

Carrot Goyang, a ‘newborn’ in professional basketball, is in danger of disappearing into history within a year of its founding.

It has been confirmed that Day One Sports, the operator of Carrot, has been negotiating the sale of a basketball team since the end of last year, and has recently been concretizing the details with one company. It is in danger of virtually disappearing after only one season of re-creation, and has become a life waiting for a savior.

Carrot is a new team that was re-established by taking over Goyang Orion after the end of last season. He announced a new wind in the basketball board by taking aggressive steps such as recruiting manager Kim Seung-gi and Jeon Seong-hyun as free agents from Anyang KGC and putting forward ‘Basketball President’ Heo Jae as CEO.

However, the situation inside was 180 degrees different. Day One Sports has been embroiled in controversy over its financial capabilities several times since the launch of the basketball team. In June of last year, in the process of signing up for new KBL members, approval was withheld once due to poor funding and club operation plans, and controversy arose right before the opening due to the failure to submit the first 500 million won out of the 1.5 billion subscription fee within the deadline. 카지노

The promise of ‘I will do my best to prevent further financial issues’ was broken in half a year. Last month, on the 5th, the day of wage payment, wages were in arrears for the athletes and staff in the office, and this month, wages have not been paid as of the 8th.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, the parent company of Day One Sports, is suffering from serious business difficulties, such as receiving a decision on the start of the corporate rehabilitation process from the court on the 6th. In fact, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Chairman Kim Yong-bin resigned last month as the chairman of the Korea Curling Federation and as a director of the Korea Sports Association. Support for the basketball team has been cut off, and the only hope is to endure this season and be sold to another company.

A club official said, “This season, we are in a position to hold on somehow until the regular season is over. I am trying to raise money. Fortunately, the team understands the difficult situation of the club.” I want to get out of the current unstable situation. Fortunately, the company with which we are negotiating is positive about the acquisition, so we expect it to be finalized by the end of April at the latest.”

On the other hand, if Carrot does not pay the remaining amount of 1 billion by March 31, the deadline for subscription fees, KBL is in a position to exclude it from the league as a rule, so the league game is expected to fluctuate.

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