Gyeonggi-do ice skating, 19 consecutive losses ‘infinite run’… Curling’s 5th consecutive ‘sweeping’

Gyeonggi-do Ice Skating wrote the legend of 19 consecutive wins in the event at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival, and curling played a significant role as a driving force in achieving 20 consecutive victories by reaching the top for 5 consecutive years.

In the ice skating, she took second place in the first place in figure skating in the short track race, which finished on the 19th, and performed well in all three events, including speed skating, which was held as a pre-game last month, and rose to the top of the event for 19 consecutive events. The number of medals won reached a total of 174, including 61 gold medals, 61 silver medals, and 52 bronze medals.

In addition, Gyeonggi-do, which finished its schedule on the day, scored 140 points with 5 gold medals (1 silver, 1 bronze) thanks to the victory in the men’s and women’s elementary school, south-central high school, and women’s general division despite unfavorable Daejin luck, Gangwon-do, which was terribly chasing Gangwon-do (132 points) ) and ‘rival’ Gyeongbuk (104 points) and held the hegemony for 5 consecutive years.

On the other hand, on the 19th, the day before the closing of the competition, Jiyoung Byeon, Lee Kun-yong, Jeong Jong-won (above Gyeonggi Provincial Office), and Kim Yong-gyu (Pocheon City Hall) teamed up to win the men’s 30km relay race with a time of 1 hour 26 minutes 00 seconds 2 , Byeon Ji-young won four gold medals, including the classic 10km, free 15km, and combined championships.

In addition, in the cross-country women’s general 15km relay, Jung Joo-mi (Pocheon City Hall), Handa-som, and Je Sang-mi (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) teamed up to win the race with a time of 51:52:6. Jung Hye-rim (Suwon Kwon Seon High School) and Kim Hyeon-joo (Pyeongtaek Girls’ High School) competed and won the gold medal in 1 hour 10 minutes 31 seconds 2.

In the individual biathlon women’s 4km event, Yoo Yoo-yoon (Pocheon Ildongcho) took first place with a time of 21:23.1, winning her third gold medal after winning the mixed relay and 3km sprint. 슬롯사이트

In the ice short track, women’s 1,000m Kim Do-hee (Seongnam Sunae Elementary School) won the championship with a time of 1:37:235, winning two gold medals including the 1,500m the previous day, and Park Joo-won (Pyeongtaek Godeok Elementary School) in the male 1,000m also won the championship with a time of 1:37:235. 682, a new tournament record.

In figure skating, Yuseong Kim (Anyang Pyeongchon Middle School, 175.98 points) and Kim Chae-yeon (Gunpo Suri High School, 212.09 points), female high school singles group A performed golden performances.

In addition, Seongnam Bundang Middle School defeated Seoul J-Con J 8-1 in the ice hockey south-central semi-final match held that day, and was looking forward to winning the final.

Lee Won-seong, head of the Gyeonggi Provincial Athletes and President of the Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Council, said, “We confirmed our victory with the best record ever. I would like to thank the officials of sports organizations, players, and coaches who did their best until the end.” revealed

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