Gyeonggi Provincial Office Byeon Ji-young, 3 crowns ‘Seolwon Express’… Gyeonggi-do, 20 consecutive wins confirmed

Gyeonggi Provincial Office Jiyoung Byeon won three gold medals in the ski cross-country men’s general division of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival, contributing to Gyeonggi-do’s 20th consecutive victory.

Byun Ji-young, the winner of the 10km classic on the first day, scored the goal with a time of 37:37.4 in the men’s free 15km cross country on the second day of the competition held at the Alpensia Cross Country Stadium in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do on the 18th, team seniors Lee Kun-yong (38:02.04) and Kim Yong-gyu (Pocheon City Hall, 38 minutes 16 seconds 4) and won the championship. Byun Ji-young added a gold medal in the combined classic and free races with a time of 1 hour 3 minutes 49 seconds 02 ahead of her team seniors Jung Jong-won (1 hour 05 minutes 23 seconds 4) and Lee Kun-yong (1 hour 05 minutes 31 seconds 6). 메이저놀이터

In the biathlon, the elementary school students performed dazzlingly. In the women’s sprint 3km, Yoo Ah-yoon (Pocheon Ildong Elementary School) won the championship by defeating Ha Ji-young (Jeonbuk, 12:26.8) and Jeong Su-min (Gangwon, 12:37.4) with a time of 12:21:8, In the same event, Lee Jae-woong (Pocheon G Sports Club) won the championship with a time of 11:24:7, beating Choi Seo-rin (11:59:5) and Kim Min-jun (Jeonbuk, 12:05:7). Those who jointly won the elementary school mixed relay the previous day became two gold medalists.

In the ice short track, women’s 1,500m Kim Do-hee (Seongnam Sunae-cho) recorded 2:34:871, ahead of Bae Jeong-yoon (Gunpo Sanbon-cho, 2:35:099) and Jeon Yeo-jin (Daegu, 2:35:177). won

Meanwhile, Gyeonggi-do added 5 gold medals, 11 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals on the day, scoring a total of 985 points, keeping a lead over Seoul City (618 points) and Gangwon-do (573 points), virtually confirming the achievement of 20 consecutive victories. did. In curling, regardless of the remaining games, five consecutive victories were confirmed.

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