Haller’s victory over testicular cancer and a comeback goal “Cancer can happen to anyone”

 Sebastian Haller (29, Dortmund) became the main character of human victory.

Dortmund won 5-1 against Freiburg held at Signal Iduna Park in Germany on the 4th. Haller, who came back after overcoming testicular cancer, contributed to the big win by scoring his comeback goal.

Haller, who joined Dortmund in July last year, was diagnosed with testicular cancer just two weeks later. After seven months of treatment, Haller overcame cancer and returned to the field. He even scored a goal and touched the hearts of fans. Coincidentally, the day Haller scored his comeback added meaning as it was ‘World Cancer Day’.

Haller told the BBC: “At first the doctor said I had a ‘tumor’, but I didn’t know it was cancer. I asked again, ‘Is it cancer?’, and he said yes. He gave me the courage to say that there is no need to be scared and that I can get better.” 카지노사이트

Haller, who went straight into chemotherapy, had a difficult day. He said, “I couldn’t afford to be emotional thinking of his family. He had no one to take care of his family. It was the hardest for my children to watch my face get thinner,” he confessed.

The support of many people has been a strength. Erik ten Haag, who was his mentor at Ajax, is one of them. Haller said, “After joining Dortmund, I was judged not to be able to play in just two weeks. However, he was considerate enough to come back from the club. He expressed his gratitude to the club, saying, “It feels special to be able to wear the uniform again and even score a goal for the club.”

“Cancer can happen to anyone,” Haller said. Even 7 months ago, I was really healthy. I never dreamed that something like this would happen to me. But the tumor grew really fast in 3 months. Don’t be afraid and get regular checkups,” he said, recommending health checkups to fans.

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