“Hold on for 3 innings” Perfect until the 2nd inning → regrettable 2 runs… The first selection of a 19-year-old rookie

Half success. He showed off his guts unlike a 19-year-old rookie. Despite being a sidearm, he showed off a strong presence that was not weak even against left-handed hitters.

This is the story of LG Twins rookie Park Myeong-geun (19). Park Myung-keun started the first game of the season against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 11th.먹튀검증

For LG, starters Lee Min-ho and Pil Seung-jo and Baek Seung-hyun left due to injuries. Considering injury recovery and rehabilitation, the absence for at least a month has been confirmed. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, whom I met before the game, was upset, saying, “Now is a chance to grow into a core force, but it’s a pity that the timing is perfect.”

It is an opportunity for players to fill the void. Park Myeong-geun, who was designated as a surprise starter instead of Lee Min-ho, who was scheduled to be the starter that day, is a typical example.

Manager Yeom pointed his head at him, saying, “It’s a Tuesday game, and two pitchers are responsible for five innings.” Lee Min-ho is the 4th pick, and the next day he is also attached to the 5th pick (Kang Hyo-jong). For this reason, LG called up Kim Yeong-joon, who will be used as a long man or alternative starter that day.

Both Park Myeong-geun and Lim Chan-gyu have yet to match the number of pitches. Yeom’s intention is that he expects 60 pitches and 3 innings for Park Myung-geun. I think I will start as a starter in a 1+1 format and take turns depending on the situation. Today’s game is Park Myeong-geun, and Sunday’s Doosan Bears game is Lim Chan-gyu,” he explained. On this day, he also conveyed his intention to Park Myung-geun, expecting 60 pitches and 3 innings.

On this day, Lotte placed 5 left-handed batters, including Lee Hak-joo at second base, to snip Park Myung-geun, a sidearm. However, Park Myung-geun ran a perfect 2 innings, turning Hwang Seong-bin, Ahn Kwon-soo, Rex, and Jeon Jun-woo, Go Seung-min, and Han Dong-hee into a three-way offense in the second inning. His fastball of up to 149km was well matched with his curveball and changeup.

But the 3rd was a problem. Park Myeong-keun allowed lead hitter Noh Jin-hyeok to hit, and induced infield grounders against Yoo Kang-nam and Lee Hak-joo. In the meantime, Noh Jin-hyeok advanced to third base.

Hwang Seong-bin, a left-handed hitter, hit Park Myung-geun’s first pitch changeup accurately and hit a triple in the right field. While Seo Geon-chang, who was playing relay, spilled the ball, Hwang Seong-bin stepped on the homepage and allowed 2 runs in an instant.

Park Myung-geun allowed Ahn Kwon-soo to hit a double, but he struck out Rex to live up to the manager’s expectations. His first start in his debut was 3 innings, 3 hits, 2 runs and 2 strikeouts.

Lotte starter Barnes allowed 4 runs and lost his pride in 4⅓ innings while hunting for a pitch that allowed 6 hits and 6 walks. He threw 98 pitches to hold out until the 5th inning, but eventually passed the mound to Kim Do-gyu in the 5th inning with one out. It was an outside ace who shed tears in bad weather again following the last match against SSG Landers.

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