Hwang Eui-jo, 6-month lease contract with FC Seoul

Hwang Eui-jo, striker of the national soccer team, joined FC Seoul and returned to the K-League after six years. 

Seoul announced on its official website on the 5th that it had recruited Hwang Ui-jo, who played for Olympiacos in Greece. The exact length of the contract has not been announced, but it is known to be a six-month short-term lease.

Hwang Eui-jo returned to the domestic stage for the first time since leaving Seongnam FC in 2017 and moving to Japan’s Gamba Osaka.

Hwang Eui-jo, who left Bordeaux (France) in August of last year, moved to Nottingham Forest (England) and immediately transferred to Olympiacos, the same owner, on loan.

Hwang Eui-jo had difficulty finding his next destination on the European stage, repeating sluggish performances at Olympiacos, and he was in a situation where he could not guarantee his return to his original team, Nottingham Forest.

In the end, it seems that he chose to focus on improving his skills by returning to the K-League for a short period of time to rebound. 

Because of the variables in the league regulations, the K-League selection was inevitable.

According to FIFA regulations, a player can only play official matches for two clubs in a season, and since Hwang Ui-jo played for Bordeaux and Olympiacos this season, he could not play if he transferred to a European team. . 

However, there was an exception rule that in the case of transferring to a team with a different league schedule, the third club could also play the game, so Hwang Eui-jo sought a transfer to a league operated by the spring and autumn system, not Europe, and eventually decided to transfer to the K-League. .  슬롯사이트

With this transfer, Seoul, which was aiming to strengthen the offense, succeeded in strengthening its power by embracing Hwang Eui-jo, the main striker of the national team.

Seoul had a serious offensive problem last season as it ranked second in the K-League 1 with the lowest number of goals (43 goals) behind bottom-ranked Seongnam (37 goals). 

Regarding the transfer of Hwang Eui-jo, Seoul said, “This transfer is the result of the club and players’ wills coming together for the development of Korean football.” said. 

“I expect it to take Seoul and the K-League to the next level. Hwang Eui-jo also added that he is determined to take joining Seoul as an opportunity to take a second leap in his soccer life and pour out everything on the K-League stage, which is his root.” 

Hwang Eui-jo, who joined Seongnam in 2013 after attending Poongsaeng High School and Yonsei University, played an active role in the K-League until 2017, scoring 35 goals and 8 assists in 140 matches.

Hwang Ui-jo will join the second winter training camp in Seoul, which will be held in Kagoshima, Japan, starting on the 6th, and will work together with fellow strikers such as Ilyuchenko.

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