Hwang Ui-jo, Cho Kyu-seong, Lee Seung-woo, the 2023 season is a good year for strikers… Fans are excited too

The fight between strikers is exhilarating the hearts of K-League fans.

The 2023 K League 1 will begin its nine-month long journey, starting with the opening match between Ulsan and Jeonbuk on the 25th.

With the afterglow of last year’s Qatar World Cup last 16 still lingering, it’s time for K-League star players to show their fans the skills they have honed throughout the winter to create another K-League boom.

In particular, this year’s K-League 1 is predicted to have a more splendid goal feast than ever.

In addition to strikers from the national team such as Cho Kyu-seong, Joo Min-gyu, and Lee Seung-woo, Hwang Ui-jo, who returned from Europe for a while, Yoo Kang-hyun, who conquered the second division, and foreign strikers such as Sejingya and Mulich are making a splash.

K-League 1 in the 2023 season is truly a’prosperous striker’.

First of all, Jeonbuk and Ulsan, who will face each other in the opening game, are ready to fight against each other by preparing killers who won the K-League 1 top scorer.

Last year’s top scorer Cho Kyu-seong, who emerged as a national star by scoring multiple goals against Ghana in the Qatar World Cup in Jeonbuk, will postpone his advance to Europe for a while and continue to wear the green uniform.

Ulsan brings Joo Min-gyu, who won the top scorer in 2021, a year ahead of Cho Kyu-seong, from Jeju and puts him at the forefront of the attack this year.

Besides the two, Hwang Eui-jo, who signed a short-term contract with Seoul, is the first striker to receive the most attention.

After leaving the domestic stage in the summer of 2017 and going through Gamba Osaka (Japan), Girondins Bordeaux (France), and Olympiacos (Greece), he decided to establish a bridgehead in Seoul to return to Europe.

It cannot be said that he is in good condition, but he is evaluated as the most experienced striker among the strikers playing in the K-League. 카지노사이트

Lee Seung-woo, who ended his life in Europe last year and returned to Suwon FC, scored 14 goals and 3 assists in 35 games, ranking third in scoring. This year, Lee Seung-woo’s goal storm is expected to intensify as he is in sync with a special midfielder named Bitgaram Yun.

There are also those who have challenged the existing strikers who are said to be the best.

Yoo Kang-hyun, who scored 19 goals in 40 matches last season and became the top scorer in the K-League 2, transferred to Daejeon Hana Citizen, predicting competition.

After playing for a long time in the Czech Republic, he played an active part in Gyeongnam and Chungnam Asan in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Here, foreign strikers who have traditionally swept the K-League scoring rankings are also expected.

Mulich, who scored 9 goals last season and played at the core of Seongnam, changed into a Suwon Samsung uniform that sent Oh Hyun-kyu to Celtic in Scotland. The spear of Sejingya, who scored 80 goals in 209 matches in 7 years in Korea, is evaluated as not rusting yet.

Thiago, who scored 18 goals in 35 games in the second division last year and ranked second after Yoo Kang-hyun, has now moved to Daejeon and will work with Yoo Kang-hyun, not a competition.

Gangwon’s Dino Islamovich and Pohang’s Jeka are also considered killers who can jump into the top scorer race as they have adapted through the domestic stage last year.

In addition, Martin Adam, who joined Ulsan midway through last season and led Ulsan to the championship, Dino, who showed good form in Gangwon before suffering a long-term injury, and Sejingya, the pride of Daegu, are also highly anticipated.

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