Hwang’s minimized space…Kim Shin-jin finds positives in a disappointing draw

Despite a disappointing draw, Kim Shin-jin’s performance was positive.

FC Seoul drew 2-2 with Pohang Steelers in the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. With a point, Seoul remained in third place in the league.

It was Seoul who had the first laugh in a tightly contested first half. In the eighth minute of the second half, Ki Sung-yong sent a pinpoint ball into the box from far outside the box, where Kim Shin-jin headed it in to give Seoul the lead. After conceding an equalizer to Oberdan, Seoul regained the lead through Palosevic, but conceded a dramatic equalizer to Ha Chang-Rae in stoppage time to settle for a 2-2 draw.

It was a disappointing result for Seoul. A win would have cut the gap between them and second-place Pohang to four points, as well as widened the gap between them and the mid-table teams they’re chasing. Instead, they came away with a point and now find themselves in a position where they could lose out on third place.

Still, there were positives to take from the draw. It was the performance of Kim Shin-jin. Kim Shin-jin was named to the starting lineup as a frontline striker, beating out Ilyuchenko and Bjorn Johnson, both of whom are foreign mercenaries. Seoul didn’t have any strikers on the roster besides Kim Shin-jin. This could be interpreted as Seoul preparing a different tactic, but it also meant that Kim Shin-jin would have to play under some pressure.

Kim shook off the pressure and put in a good performance. In the first half, she played a little lower than Na Sang-ho up front, pressuring the opposition with her high activity level and occasionally taking shots on goal from inside the box. In the 13th minute, he tried a bold turning shot after receiving a pass from Willian, and in the 22nd minute, he looked to score with a sharp shot that was saved by Hwang In-jae.

Kim Shin-jin’s efforts to get on the scoresheet paid off in the second half. After missing a header from a corner kick in the fifth minute of the second half, she put the disappointment behind her and converted a pass from Ki Sung-yueng in the eighth minute of the second half. From there, Kim Shin-jin continued to work up front and down the left flank as he did in the first half, helping Seoul’s attack before being replaced by Kim Sang-hyeop around the 30-minute mark.바카라사이트

One of Seoul’s recent woes has been the absence of Hwang Eui-jo. The departure of Hwang Ui-jo, who made a big impact for Seoul during his six-month loan spell, immediately left Seoul lacking in attack. They don’t seem to have anyone who can provide the same level of link-up play as Hwang Ui-jo, nor do they have anyone who can maintain a high workload.

Kim Shin-jin eased Seoul’s woes a bit against Pohang. He scored a valuable first goal and also worked hard to link up with the second line. In defensive situations, he was active and put pressure on the opposition. These are the positives that Seoul can take away from the disappointing draw.

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