“I don’t want to live with it” Kyrie Irving shoots Brooklyn

Kyrie Irving has opened up about her dissatisfaction with her former team, Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving joined the Dallas Mavericks team training for the first time on the 8th (Korean time). After the training, Irving held an official press conference with local reporters.

Bold remarks poured in. He did not hide his uncomfortable feelings about his former team, Brooklyn.

“I don’t want to be on a team where I feel like I’m not being respected and have to put up with it. I want to play on a team where I can be celebrated,” Irving said. 토토사이트

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the voice that evaluated him with an off-court issue.

“I’m a really hard basketball player, but nobody in Brooklyn talked about my work ethic, only off-court stuff,” Irving said. “I want to change people’s narrative about me.” I want to rewrite my own story,” he added.

He also brought up stories of an uncomfortable time in Brooklyn.

Irving said, “I wanted to get closer to the people of the Brooklyn club,” and said, “But when something starts to change, it’s hard to know the true intentions of the club people and the people around them. It’s not easy for anyone to feel comfortable and confident in such an environment.” I saw.

Irving will make his Dallas debut against the Clippers on the 9th.

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