I want to come back to the EPL… Possibility of going to Tottenham, once ‘Chelsea core’

The possibility of returning to England has been raised.

Spanish media ‘Pichahes’ said on the 18th (Korean time), “Tottenham Hotspur is closely watching the situation of Real Madrid defender Antonio Rudiger (30). ” reported.

The possibility of transfer is sufficient. British media ‘Cut Offside’ said, “Rudiger has not been a key player for coach Carlo Ancelotti since joining Real Madrid in January,” and “If Real Madrid seeks to sign a central defender, Rudiger will leave the team.” . Rudiger started 13 of 18 games this season. He is competing against the likes of David Alaba (30), Eder Militang (25) and Nacho Fernandez (33). 안전놀이터

At one time, Rudiger was active as a key defender for Chelsea in the English Premier League (PL). In particular, he shone under the former coaching system of Thomas Tuchel (49). In the 2020-21 season, he was highly praised as the main center back when Chelsea won the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). He showed off his solid defense, including a decisive tackle in the final against Manchester City.

Rudiger then took on a new challenge after spending five seasons at Chelsea. He wore a Real Madrid uniform as a free agent (FA) in the 2022 summer transfer market.

But at Real Madrid, he seems to be struggling. Spanish media ‘Football España’ said, “Coach Ancelotti was not satisfied with Rudiger’s performance,” and said, “Millitang and Alaba are alive and well. Fernandez is also doing his part in the defense. Real Madrid is likely to sell Rudiger. We are fully considering it,” he said.

It was captured by Tottenham’s radar network aiming to strengthen the central defender. Tottenham only signed FC Barcelona center back Clement Lenglet (26) on loan in the transfer market last summer. It is expected that they will start recruiting players in earnest in the summer of 2023. ‘Pichhahes’ said, “Ruddiger has a lot of experience playing as a three-back at Chelsea. He is a suitable player for Tottenham.” “Tottenham will be looking to sign Rudiger in the summer transfer market. Rudiger will also be positive about returning to the Premier League.”

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