“If Byeong-ho hyung and Ha-sung hyung meet again…” Exciting ‘combination’ of former and current heroes

Kiwoom Heroes infielder Kim Hye-seong has a new feeling about participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held next month.

This is because familiar names appeared in the WBC final entry announced by the KBO last month. Familiar infielders such as Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres), who left Kiwoom for the last time in 2020 and entered the major leagues, and Park Byung-ho, who transferred to KT Wiz as a free agent in 2022, boarded the national team with him.

From the time Kim Hye-seong joined in 2017, he used the umbrella of Ha-seong Kim and accumulated experience and adapted to his professional career. It was Kim Ha-seong who patted the somewhat worried and introverted Kim Hye-seong on the back and gave her courage. Park Byeong-ho, the reliable eldest infielder, has always been an icon of leading by example, who can be relied on just by looking at him and has a lot to learn.

However, Kim Ha-seong, Park Byeong-ho, Kim Min-seong (LG Twins), and Seo Geon-chang (LG), who worked together until 2018, are now scattered in different teams, half of their own will. Kim Hye-sung and Lee Jung-hoo, who were the motives for joining the team, are now filling the gap left by the seniors who first saw and learned from Kim Hye-sung. 토토사이트

That’s why it’s all the more nice to see her reunion with her brothers. When Kim Hye-seong was asked about the WBC at the departure hall of the spring camp, she said, “(Kim) Ha-seong hyung and (Park) Byeong-ho hyung will meet again.

Kim Hye-seong is likely to serve as a backup for Kim Ha-seong and Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals) at the second baseman and shortstop position, or to be put in as a large runner or large defensive back in the second half of the game. Park Byeong-ho, the only professional first baseman, and Kim Ha-seong, the main shortstop, can work together in the second half of the game.

Kim Hye-seong is determined to help the national team wherever he is. He said, “It’s a style to play well during demonstration games. When I go out, I have to play somehow. I think it’s important to watch the national team’s infield because they are good. I have to learn from watching the players playing on the big stage.” expressed a wish.

Kim Hye-seong, who is training for the club’s spring camp in Mesa, Arizona, will move to Tucson, Arizona on the 14th local time to join the national team’s pre-camp. Kim Hye-seong will reunite with Park Byeong-ho there, and will work with Kim Ha-seong again from the pre-training for the Japanese tournament early next month. It is ‘Former and Current Heroes Assemble’.

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